5 Steps to Prevent Heart Disease

While it remains the most fatal disease, it is certainly not impossible to combat this health condition. There are many ways to prevent heart diseases. Here are some measures:

  1. Avoid smoking: The first step towards a healthy heart is saying goodbye to smoking and use of tobacco in any form, explain leading cardiologists at AMRI Hospital. It not only damages heart and blood vessels, but also reduces oxygen in blood. However, once a person quits smoking, the risk starts decreasing from the very first day. It usually takes about a year to eliminate half the problems.
  1. Stay active: Regular exercise and physical activities are important to lower the risk of heart disease. It keeps your metabolism going and controls the weight. Patients with high cholesterol, blood pressure and type 2 diabetes also benefit from staying active.
  1. Healthy diet: A good diet can protect us from a number of diseases, as it improves blood pressure and cholesterol. It is important to include fruits, vegetables, fish, lean meat and whole grains in the diet to stay healthy. Limiting the intake of processed food, salt, sugar and saturated fats can also help in maintaining a good health condition.
  1. Proper sleep: According to health practitioners at AMRI Hospital Ltd, lack of sleep increases the risk of obesity, high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes and depression. Seven hours of sleep each night is important to stay active and strong to combat various diseases, including heart attack.
  1. Managing stress: There are certain ways of managing stress. Some people cope with this challenge by overeating, smoking, drinking, etc. It is important to find better ways to deal with this problem. Physical activitiesand meditation are some of the better ways to deal with stress.

All these steps are useful to prevent heart diseases. Other than these steps, it is important to get regular health screenings to known about the condition of your heart from time to time. If you suddenly feel something wrong with your heart then call for first aid immediately.