Alkaline Water: What it is, Meaning and Benefits

Surely you have heard a lot about alkaline water, ionized water or “ionized alkaline water”. Many companies define it as almost miraculous due to the enormous benefits it brings to the body and health in general. In fact, the digestive acids of our stomach neutralize it and therefore transform it into normal drinking water. It may perhaps have a greater purity when we put it into the body, which is not bad, but it is not a miracle product and certainly does not replace medicines to cure health.

The benefits of alkaline water

The difference between normal water and alkaline water lies in the Ph, which in the latter is higher than 7.0 as it is subject to ionization processes. In reality, the water treated in this way, which is also found in some well-known brands in the supermarket, acquires a little more purity and lightness on the palate but nothing more. It does not cure diseases, has no anti-allergic potential or anything else. If you adopt it in a healthy diet, made of fruits and vegetables, possibly controlled organically, little lean meat, little dairy and zero alcohol, it helps you to keep a healthy, fresh and fit body.

Can domestic water be alkalized?

As a rule, the drinking water of the cities is controlled by the municipal aqueducts and can be further purified with devices that are applied to the tap. But for those who absolutely want to create light and clean water, the idea of ​​making alkaline water at home could work. What does it take to get it? The recipes are different and almost all natural.

For example, soaking a chopped organic lemon in pure water, along with salt and leaving covered for 12 hours at room temperature. Filter everything and drink the water that you will obtain. Or: mix a teaspoon of baking soda with clean water, stir, let it rest for a while and then strain. The best option is to get from the best alkaline water dispenser in Singapore. Or simply boil the water for 5 minutes, and then put it in a clean or sterilized jug and cover. Once cold you can drink it safely. Several companies sell “ionizers” to obtain alkaline water in a few minutes, but the natural methods are certainly more reliable and also less expensive, usable at any time and finding them everywhere on the market.

Alkaline supplements

In addition to the recipes we mentioned above, there are some natural products on the market called “alkaline supplements” and often invite you to mix them with home water to get the alkaline water you want. These are powders derived from corals, algae, herbs but it is always better to talk to a good herbalist so as not to make mistakes and create harm instead of benefits. Some supplements can have side effects such as constipation, kidney stones, allergies … it is not the case to risk blindly for lighter than normal water in exchange. Always inquire, even with your doctor, about the production of alkaline water.