Alopecia Or Seasonal Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common disease or which is seen in various men and women nowadays. Many of us are afraid of the dreaded alopecia, which is a signal loss in the hair on the head. Hair loss increases as a particular time in the year, especially when he gets to late summer. Most people have confused about next to mean hair loss, but both conditions are not the same. In this article, we shall seek to differentiate between baldness and hair loss.

What amount of hair do we lose daily in a reasonable way?

Research from the man medical institute shows that a man loses approximately 250 years in a day. While some doubt the authenticity of this information, others cannot help but agree as we wake up and see the various amounts of little hairs all over the mattress and pillow. Women are used to seeing hairs falling off their hair after Combing or In their brush. The roots of the hair follicle are always thinner and weaker in cases of common baldness. This is not only found in men but also in women. However, in the case of a seasonal hair loss, there are no modifications in the appearance of the hair. In an alopecia condition, you can see the lower density of high on the scalp while in the case of a seasonal hair loss, the hair maintains its usual density.

Studies related to seasonal hair loss

A scientific community has come up with a fact that the hair falls more in the springtime. Nevertheless, many medical practitioners have suggested that the fall in the hands can be as a result of other reasons other than a seasonal hair loss during the springtime it is believed that hair follicles begin the resting phase.