Lip Injections Toronto has increasingly become a popular option to make your lips look the way you want them to be. Some of us have naturally thin lips and want to puff them up a little to get the perfect pout, the lip injections help you do just that. However, just like any other trend, there are multiple myths which surround lip fillers. In this post, we are busting some of the common myths around lip fillers.

Myth1: Lip Fillers are Addictive

A lot of people who decide to get lip fillers to fall in love with their results. In order to maintain these results, they choose to go for the lip fillers again. However, this doesn’t mean that the procedure is addictive. Hyaluronic Acid is used in the fillers which are temporary, meaning they are gradually dissolved by the body. Once dissolved, the lips return to normal.

Myth2: Lip Fillers Look Fake

A lot of people believe that lip augmentation will lead to fake or plastic looking results. However, a skilled injector will be able to achieve results which are natural-looking and subtle. Though your appearance might be enhanced, there is a very slight chance that your friends and family will be able to pinpoint the difference unless you tell them.

Myth3: Injections are painful

Whenever we see an injection it automatically triggers the thought of pain. Most patients have described the pain of the injections as tolerable. Most of the hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers contain lidocaine, which takes effect only once it has been injected, hence you will feel comfortable throughout the process. If you wish, a dental block can be injected beforehand to ensure that you don’t experience any pain.


Myth4: Lip Fillers can’t be undone

If you have opted for fillers like calcium hydroxylapatite and poly-l-lactic acid, then it might take about a year or two for it to breakdown. On the other hand, HA fillers can be dissolved immediately with the help of an eraser enzyme called hyaluronidase. So if you don’t like your new lips, you can reverse the results.


Myth5: Lip Fillers stretch out the lips

When you go for a lip filler, keep in mind that it is not a lifelong commitment, the plump of your pout is only temporary and will deflate as soon as the fillers dissolve into your body. However, HA fillers encourage the production of collagen which in turn thickens the skin’s dermis and leaves the patients with fuller lips than before after the enzyme is dissolved by the body.

Myth6: Only suitable for those with thin lips

It is one of the most common myths as it is thought that the main purpose of the lip fillers is to add volume to the lips. Lip fillers also treat common concerns like asymmetry, disproportionate lips, turned-down corners and an undefined cupid’s bow. They also work to improve the appearance of dry and cracked lips and make them look smoother and glossier.