Cardio For Dummies

Finally, here we are. Great sun, high temperatures, long clear evenings. We are finally in summer! And who says summer, obviously means many improvised joggers on gym mats or elsewhere that have only one goal. Run as long as possible to lose all the fat that depresses them so much.

Many fitness udstyr still fill the heads of bodybuilding practitioners, especially when it comes to losing weight or fat more precisely. We all said to ourselves that we had to run as much as possible to sweat more and more, shed more and more calories to have the body of our dreams on the beaches finally. In short, we all got it wrong at one point.

As I am a benevolent person who I hope that my experiences will serve newcomers in the field of physical and psychological change, I told myself that it would be interesting to give you some tips to finally know where to start in terms of cardio.

In this article, you will learn a little secret about me, and above all, I hope that you may change your course of action while there is still time. So, here is the little jogging guide for dummies.

First, A Little Secret

I couldn’t start writing this article without telling you about a little cardio secret in my house. I don’t particularly like cardio, I wouldn’t say I liked cardio, and I don’t think I will ever be a complete fan of it. If I tell you that, it is only because nature has decided to give me a small bullet at this level called asthma. And yes, I have asthma related to an allergy to pollen grasses. All this to tell you that running has often meant for me, breathing problems, inability to follow my school friends, finish line last during the cross of college. In short, torture.

If I tell you this, it is because today, by dint of perseverance and a little technique, I have managed to tame this small handicap to finally become an accomplished sportsman capable of achieving the objectives that he fixes himself. So, if you too go far away and tell yourself that it’s impossible. I invite you not to let anything go and read the following paragraphs.

Cardio Is Long And Boring

When I listen carefully to the people around me about this. I realize that the same sentences often come back in a loop. “Why would I waste my time running”, “Do not think of anything, look into the void, in addition to sweat, I do not see the point”, “I have sore feet when I run”. In short, how does one disagree? it is true at the start, the image that we have of running is often that of the marathon or long-distance runner in general that we see on TV.

Also, I’m sure that you too went to the gym mat in your room or even outside saying to yourself “Good! Let’s go for excellent old jogging for an hour to sweat and dry thoroughly “I’m also sure that you did a good early workout just before or after to keep everything a right muscular mass. You were and may still be torn between wanting to lose fat and maintain muscle. It is clear that we are going to run for hours, you go straight into the wall.

Use Cardio And Not Vice Versa

Despite all these scenarios cited above, you understand my friends that cardio is not just running for hours without knowing why. Cardio merely is making your heart work to make it more resistant to exercise as you go. The interest of cardio during a dry is that by accelerating your heart rate, you will necessarily increase the speed of your metabolism and therefore, the consumption of calories.