Designer Eyewear And A Better Lifestyle

Eyewear is about more than just being able to see. It does more than just hold the lenses needed to see; it can also make a great fashion statement. As most people only have a few different pairs, each pair is important and can thus make its own statement; each pair ends up working best in a particular situation. That each pair helps to act as a way to better demonstrate the wearer’s personality at that time only helps to make them more important. As such designer eyewear is well worth the investment; anything that helps to better define the person’s inner emotion is well worth the money.

More Than Just Tortoiseshell

Too many people are not aware of all the options available for designer eyewear; they think that frames are limited to black, a few basic colors, and in extreme such old favorite as tortoiseshell. Designers have had much more fun with glasses than some people could imagine; designers take advantage of modern materials to create all sorts of great glasses, from black plastic to aviators glasses. Brass spectacles will always be in fashion, but active lifestyles require tougher, more flexible frames; by using modern plastics frames can be made ready for anything.

The Lenses Are More Than Glass

Traditionally, the lenses are limited to clear plastic and glass; while they may have been tinted to deal with bright lights, they are not limited to just a few types. Yellow tint has become popular, especially among hunters and other shooters; the color helps to eliminate natural sunlight making long-distance targeting easier. Partiers like the wide range of colors available in designer eyewear; it makes it easier to coordinate their clothes with their glasses. Of course, this doe not mean that older tinting and finishes are completely dead; reflective lenses add some mystery to the person and tinting protects against sunlight.

Again, modern materials come to the rescue of designers, giving them and thus wearers more options. By using different substrates the lenses can be made scratch-resistant; some glasses can even be made to protect from chemicals and other laboratory problems. This also makes them great for those looking for additional protection, such as parachuting. For those looking for something a little more practical than standard sunglasses, the lenses can be treated so as to darken in bright light and lighten in shade or indoors. Lenses can even be treated so as to protect against glare, making them great for wearing while driving.

The bottom line is that designer eyewear, like http://americaneyeweardallas.com, is more than just a mere fashion statement. While there is no question that they can be used for just that, they provide more options than just better eyesight, but can provide the wearer with protection while also providing them a way of showing off their personality or enjoying any sort of active lifestyle. This makes designer eyewear great for anyone looking for a certain edge, be it in shooting competition, driving safety, and even making a killer fashion statement.