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How Can One Become A Dental Hygienist?

In this present world, there are many opportunities for the education and career of dental hygienists. With the traditional clinics, there have been many more options launching the occupation of a dental hygienist. Here you will learn various steps to become a licensed dental hygienist.

What are the jobs of a Dental Hygienist?

The primary concern of the dental hygienist is to take preventive measures to maintain the oral health of the patient. Their work is to clean, examine gums and teeth, collect their medical history, and eventually educate them to take care of teeth with oral techniques.


The job of a dental hygienist consists of:

  • Dentist hygienists like using various tools like scrapers and the polishers. It is to remove tartar, stains, and plaque.
  • Dentist hygienists apply proper preventative treatments like sealants and fluorides.
  • They take and develop X-Rays of the patient’s mouth.
  • Dentist hygienists record all things during the cleaning process. Later they report information to the dentist.
  • Hygienists assist the dentists during administering anesthesia and in removing sutures.

Educational Requirements of Dental Hygienist

States need dental hygienists to be licensed, but other specified requirements vary from location to location. It is essential to have an associate degree in the hand of a person to become a dental hygienist. It is the minimum educational degree required. It depends on you to choose to have a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree.


It does not depend upon the degree that you choose to become a licensed dental hygienist. The Commission must approve it on Dental Accreditation. Accreditation programs demonstrate that they would need quality education to ensure a better future of the patients.

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What will a dentist hygienist study?

According to the Commission on Dental Accreditation, a program must consist of four areas that include biomedical sciences, general education, dental hygiene science, and dental sciences. These requirements are essential at all degree levels no matter even you choose the advanced degree you might get further education. You might also get into some in-depth study that includes dental health theory, systemic dental conditions, and research, or oral health.

Types of Dental Hygienist degrees

Bachelor’s and master’s degrees is an option for the people who want to move in this field, but the minimum education requirement is of an associate degree. The period that is required to complete the education is all mattered in the degree level that you choose.

Associate’s Degree

This degree provides you the minimum education level that is needed to have a dental hygienist license. This degree is earned at technical schools or colleges that need around two years of completion.

Along with the topics given in the classroom, you also require clinical experience too. In the first year, you will be provided with clinical services of eight to twelve hours for hands-on-practice in one week. Later the time would increase in the second year.

Bachelor’s Degree

A bachelor’s degree is for those who are interested in specialized care that includes developing while practicing the programs within school settings or public health. You will be given classroom courses. Bachelor’s degree would take four years to complete.

Master’s Degree

Master is for those who are looking for further research work, work at the administrative level, and want to have a teaching profession. This degree would lead to higher roles that include community program directors, oral disease prevention specialists, or the leaders of education programs. It takes one to two years to complete a master’s degree in dental hygienists in Chennai.

How can you get a dental hygiene license?

The license is according to the state where a dentist hygienist works. After you have passed an associate degree, you need to give and pass a National Board Dental Hygiene Examination test. This consists of 350 MCQs that is divided into two parts. The test scores on 49-99 and 75 in the passing score.

Dental Hygiene License Renewal

After every 1-3 years, there is a requirement of license renewal. You will need to pay fees and give proof for passing the required educational hours.