How Do CBD Cartridges Work?

Consumers have a plethora of CBD products to choose for enjoying their daily dosage. The trendiest CBD products are edibles, creams, vape pens, tinctures, and CBD cartridges. The choice of CBD product will depend on the kind of ailment consumers desire to treat. For a swift therapeutic effect, you can choose vaping. The vaping apparatus looks strange for a new CBD user.

Vape pen mechanism

CBD fans adore vape pens because they are portable, odor-free, discreet and convenient. Some consumers may not prefer the taste and earthy aroma of CBD but they can look through different flavors available.

The basic concept of the vape pen mechanism is the same in every brand. Power is supplied to a heating chamber, where the CBD herbs, wax or oil is housed. As soon as the chamber gets heated, the vapor is produced. The vapor flows through the mouthpiece of the vape pen, which the user inhales and enjoys.

Parts of a vape pen

  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Atomizer or vaporizing chamber
  • Tank or cartridge

The vape pen has two parts – the longest one houses the battery, which is then attached to a heating chamber and finally to a mouthpiece used to inhale CBD vapor.

Look at these Fuego CBD cartridges to understand what is filled in them.

  • Raw vape cartridges – All the cartridges don’t contain terpenes. It is an organic compound, which gives plants the flavor and aroma. ‘Raw vape Cartridges’ don’t have terpenes but pure cannabis concentrate.
  • Strain-specific & natural terpene cartridges – In the distillation process terpenes get removed but some manufacturers reintroduce the terpenes. Thus, the flavor and aroma is retained.

Vape Cartridge types

Vape cartridges are filled with cannabis concentrate [CBD oil, vaping wax or dry herbs] designed for offering optimal vaporization using a heating element. There are 3-basic vape cartridge options –

  1. Disposable pens – A perfect option for a novice because no charging or assembly is needed. Once the cartridge is used to dispose of the pen.
  1. Pre-filled cartridge – If you already have a vaporizer or e-cig with the 510-thread connection then choose pre-filled cartridge. They are affordable, rechargeable, and reused.
  1. Refillable chamber – Experienced vapers, who desire to blend different strains or needs controlled vaping temperature and serving size can choose a refillable chamber device. Chambers are expensive and need regular cleaning for optimal performance.

Are there impurities in the vape cartridge?

Many cannabis oil producers are aiming to earn quickly, so they add harmful cutting agents to their products. Be cautions of bad cartridges and be determined to buy from reputable stores like Fuego!