Steps Towards Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Steps Towards Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Alcohol addiction leads to a person’s downfall on all fronts. You strain your relationships, fail professionally, become financially unstable, and your health takes a toll too. When you finally realize the damage done by alcohol addiction, and you decide to quit, it is tough due to the withdrawal symptoms your body starts showing. Hence, taking medical help is the best solution when it comes to recovery from alcohol addiction. In this article, we will discuss what are the steps to recovery from alcoholism.

Alcoholism recovery stages

  1. Finding a medical center for addiction treatment in Mississippi – First of the five stages of alcoholic recovery is to find a treatment center for alcoholism. You can call an addiction helpline and mention your requirements and what you seek in a treatment center. They will take up your request and suggest a list of centers that would suit your requirements. You can also take recommendations from friends and family if someone has been through alcohol recovery.
  2. Detox – When you embark on your alcohol recovery journey, the first few days are all about detox. It essentially involves getting rid of all the toxins accumulated in your body due to excessive and regular consumption of alcohol. Alcohol withdrawal is painful, hence it is advised to undergo detox under medical supervision and not by yourself.
  3. Rehab – Immediately after completing detox, you should head straight to a rehabilitation center. This will reduce your risk of drinking again. The treatment team at the rehab consists of therapists, psychiatrists, doctors, and social workers. The team will create a personalized treatment plan for you based on your needs. It will include medication, therapy, and more. The plan is based on recovery goals that one needs to achieve by working towards them.
  4. Aftercare plan – When you are about to leave the rehab center, your treatment team will work out an aftercare recovery plan for you. It includes joining AA meetings or continuing living in the sober program.
  5. Support Groups – Once you complete your aftercare plan, you need to join support groups. Here you would be around positive people who have had similar experiences with addiction. Support groups will help you avoid falling back to old habits and addiction.

These are the five stages of alcoholic recovery. To know more about alcoholism and recovery please visit the