The Importance of Blood Tube Strippers

A blood tube stripper is considered one of the staple tools that’s commonly used in hospitals and blood banks. Blood tube strippers are also typically found and used in medical facilities and diagnostic centers. Blood tube strippers are plier-like devices and they are used to cut PVC blood tubing.

Blood tube strippers are also used to strip undiluted blood from the donor tubing. Blood tube strippers are also used for different tasks that involve the handling and collection of blood and other body fluids. Blood tube strippers are also used to strip the tubing of body fluids like serum or urine from the donor or patient.

Blood Tube Strippers: Why They are Important

Below are some of the reasons why blood tube strippers are considered a staple in most laboratories:

  • It facilitates anticoagulation of body fluids and blood. Body liquids are prone to coagulation. Coagulation also occurs when the body fluids are placed in containers like a blood bag. To prevent coagulation, the blood bag needs to be sealed and the tubes are stripped. This is done in order to retain its original state.
  • Makes handling easy. To ensure ease and convenience, blood tube strippers are designed for both right and left hand use. They are also designed to make the process of stripping blood bag tubes safer and a lot easier. When using blood tube strippers, users won’t need to worry about fluid leaks or spills when handling the tubes.
  • It allows faster stripping. There are instances when blood tube stripping has to be done quickly. This is typically the case when a task requires blood mass collection from different donors like blood donation drives, medical outreach programs, and off-site activities.

One of the best blood tube strippers in the market is manufactured by Hettich. It comes with the following great features:

  • It’s lightweight, medical grade, and made of high quality stainless steel. Its practical design is also elegant and compact.
  • Ergonomic handle. Hettich’s blood tube stripper has an ergonomic handle designed for both left and right-handed usage.
  • Steel body. Its steel body is easy to clean and has low weight for easy handling.
  • Passive and active rollers. Designed for different tube diameters to allow proper stripping.
  • This multipurpose tool is durable and designed for long-term usage.