The Increasing Office Syndrome And Neck Pain And Their Resolutions

Today, we are living in an era when all of us have to work from home due to the pandemic. In this situation, office syndrome and neck pain (ออฟฟิศ ซิ โดร ปวด คอ, which is also called in Thai) has become the common problems among the working-class people. This is because this working phase is quite hectic and different from the usual office work that used to happen previously. Now, most of us have to work almost 24 hours and that too under heavy work pressure. That is why today, the majority of the working people are facing office syndromes and other problems related to body pain, such as spondylitis, etc. So, if you want to avoid these problems, following these tips mentioned here in this blog will always help you to fulfill your expectations. Let’s start!  

Know How Much You Are Working A Day

If you want to be free from the hassles of office syndrome or neck pain or anything else, then you should decide your working time. It is undoubtedly a huge responsibility if you have to handle a team under you or you are in the office manager or such responsible profiles, but setting up the time is always important. If you are working more than the time that your body can bear, then you will not only suffer from mental pressure but also various uncertain physical issues. 

Complete Your Sleep 

The most important thing that can help you avoid the unexpected problems of the extra work burden is sound sleep. If you are working for a night-shift company then it is quite difficult to maintain night sleep. In that case, you can schedule your sleep time during the day and should complete at least 6 hours of sleep. But if you are working in the day shift then you must get a good sleep in the night hours to avoid inconveniences. 

Office Setup In The Home

The foremost thing that you need to consider while working from home is the small office setup at home. This is means you should be prepared with the chair and table to sit straight and erect. Also, if you feel pain in your neck then you can try the neckband that will keep your neck relaxed always. You can even support your neck with the band.