What is lysine tablet used for?

Modern science has made access to healthcare and health information much more accessible for the public. Public are now much more able to ctake control of their health by knowing what food or drinks to have or health supplements that can support their wellbeing. There are so many kinds of health supplements available in the market and finding the right one can be an overwhelming task. In this article, we will be talking about lysine tablets, a type of supplements that has been around for a while yet seems not getting much attention like other supplements such as the vitamin C tablet.

Lysine is actually an amino acid. Amino acids are like bricks that make up protein in the body. Lysine is an essential amino acid but can only be obtained through food or supplements. You can actually get lysine from food such as meat, eggs, fish, soybean products, shellfish, lentils, dairy milk and fruits such as tangerine, orange, banana and berries like cranberry, blackberries and blueberries. Although it can be easy to get lysine from food, the reality is that eating food on a daily basis to provide enough lysine for the body can be difficult. This is especially true when a person practises bad eating habits or picky eaters. Hence, lysine tablets help to provide lysine for the body. Usage of lysine tablet include:

1-  To help reduce heart disease– Lysine has been reported to help reduce the blood pressure in those with hypertension. Since hypertension is associated with blood vessels, lysine helps to prevent plaque from fats build-up in the blood vessels. In turn, the formation of plaque that should be causing pressure is now prevented by lysine.

2-  To support bone health– Aside from the most known calcium and vitamin D that helps to strengthen bones and cartilage, lysine has been discovered to also help aid in bone health. Lysine helps the body to absorb calcium and make the bone become strong. Lysine also helps to form collagen that is needed by the cartilage which is essential for smooth body movement.

3-  To help reduce symptoms in cold sores– Also named as herpes, lysine has been found to aid herpes patients from getting sudden flare and help to shorten the outbreaks. This sudden flare is usually caused when a person is low in lysine as lysine helps to prevent further replication of the herpes virus from causing another outbreak. Since herpes is not a curable disease, lysine tablets might actually be the best preventive measure to be taken against future flare episodes.

4-  To have much stable emotions– Anxiety and depression is actually a normal response we have towards a stressful situation. However, when it becomes so severe, this is when it gets to a point of being a disorder. Lysine tablets can help to reduce symptoms of such emotional distress and help people to get through the day. Plus, having much stable emotions can reduce the likelihood for the body to get other diseases. When a person becomes too stressed, the stress hormone might actually cause the body’s immune system to work ineffectively and a person will be prone to infectious diseases and inflammatory diseases, some even affect metabolic processes in the body.

5-  To have better energy level- Lysine has been proven to aid athletes to maintain a good level of stamina and help to repair muscle that may be damaged during strenuous activity. Lysine also plays an important part in producing carnitine that is able to convert fatty acids contained in fatty parts of the body and convert it to become energy. This process also helps to lower the level of cholesterol in the body.