Why do you need blue light blocker glasses?


Have you heard of blue light glasses? As technology has advanced so does our work procedures, from manual to computers, laptops and even smartphones.  We have been widely using these devices across the globe to ease out our work and for smart business. Whether at home or at work, we devote a lot of time with these screen devices.  Be it business, leisure or connecting with people, these digital devices are an indispensable part of our lives.  However, there is a great disadvantage that is attached to these devices, that is the emission of blue light which is harmful to our eyes as well as overall health. And to protect eyes from this blue light we need blue light glasses.

What is blue light?

Blue light has a short wavelength in the visible spectrum and is visible to the naked eyes as well. This blue light forms a part of the sunlight and is reflected on the earth. It is present everywhere during the day due to sunlight. However, even after dark when sunlight is not there, there is enough blue light. Thanks to the digital devices, LED lights, fluorescent lights etc. There is plenty of blue light around us all the time.

What are the harmful effects of blue light?

This blue light is not good for our health at all. Unfortunately, while using digital devices, this blue light causes unnecessary health issues. These health issues include:

1) Eye related problems such as dryness, redness, pain, stress, strain, teary eyes, and in fact, it may be serious enough to cause irreparable retinal damage.

2) Headache, not just any other headache. The degree of pain may range from mild to severe headache. It could be strong enough to cause digital migraine in some people.

3) Insomnia or sleeping disorder is also one of the major issues caused by the blue light. This is because our body secretes Melatonin Hormone which is regulated by the levels of blue light. When exposed to blue light, Melatonin hormone keeps us awake, whereas, in the absence of blue light, Melatonin induces sleep. Therefore, we are awake in the morning; due to the presence of blue light available in the sunlight. Whereas, we tend to sleep after sunlight and in the darkness due to the absence of blue light. However, with the regular and untimely use of digital devices such as smartphones during bedtime, the Melatonin hormone is disturbed and it keeps us awake.

How to protect eyes from Blue light and what blue light do?

Blue light can be tackled by two ways, either you can put protection screens around your digital devices, or alternatively, you can use blue light glasses. These blue light glasses have the advanced coating on the lens which is able to block the blue light from entering the eyes.   Thus, the blue light when it touches the surface of the glass does not go beyond the lens. Therefore, since the blue light does not enter eyes, they fail to reach the retina; hence our eyes are protected and saved.

Where can I buy designer glasses having blue light blocker glasses lens?

It is important to use blue light blocker glasses to protect your eyes, whether you choose to use affordable glasses or designer glasses.  However, you must invest in eyeglasses that provide 99.99% protection against the blue light as provided by eyeglasses manufactured by Specscart. These eyeglasses are able to provide complete protection to the eyes which include not only blue light blocker glasses but also other advanced coatings such as anti-glare, anti-UV and anti-scratch. Thus, your eyes get complete protection. Besides, you can choose any of your favourite pair of eyeglasses including branded designer glasses from Tom Archer, Marc Fabien, and many more high-end brands.