Why you need vitamin supplements

Vitamins are nutrients whose quantitative needs depend on the person, their age, or the stage of life in which they are. Some Professor of Nutrition and Food Science at the University ​​explains the role of vitamin supplements and whether they are effective and necessary for your body.

You all want more energy and protection from illness and help us reach your goals for a healthy life. You can get these benefits by taking vitamins in various foods, but can you get the same benefits from vitamin supplements, or are you endangering your health by using them? These are the questions you will explore in this lesson.

Vitamin supplements are products aimed at adding nutritional value to the diet. They can help you meet your specific vitamin needs, but they do not provide all the benefits of consuming food.  You can also buy Vitamins from Biogenique online health shop.

When need for supplements

Vitamin supplements in the form of enriched products are an alternative for people who do not eat properly or in certain phases of life in which an extra supply of these nutrients is required. These Vitamins are referring to pregnant women, in old age or menopause. Therefore, taking vitamin supplements is justified on certain occasions.

What happens if you take supplements in case of good health?

If you do not suffer any discomfort or you are not at the table that you have explained above, you do not need to ingest vitamins normally. Healthy people on a full diet do not require supplements to increase energy.

If you are in good health, it is because you already eat the correct amount of vitamins. An excess of these can lead to health problems that can even become serious.  It is very important to consult with health professionals and not make decisions that may affect your bodies without having adequate knowledge. It is rare to see a box of hypervitaminosis or toxicity due to excess vitamins, but they are not necessary in many cases.


As you can see above, vitamin supplementation is really good for your health when combined with a controlled diet. There are no studies that prove the effectiveness of vitamin complexes, but there are cases where it is extremely important to supplement your diet, such as omega 3. So for better suggestions regarding Vitamins intake get in touch with your doctor.