4 Symptoms That You Need Hearing Test Today

According to a survey, every 3 out of 5 people experience difficulty in understanding the speech or cannot socialize due to poor hearing. Untreated hearing damage can cause social anxiety, limit the learning potential, and even lead to mental issues. Therefore, it’s essential to undergo the hearing tests annually to keep a check on your ear health. 

Here are some symptoms that indicate you should take a hearing test immediately:

  • Turning up the volume of your TV or Radio high: Whenever you turn up the volume of a radio or TV at a certain point, it becomes bothersome for others while it’s completely fine with you. This is the warning sign that there’s some problem with your ears and you must get them checked. 
  • “What did you said? Can you repeat”? We generally ask people to repeat themselves, when we are unable to understand their speech. But if you find yourself doing this on a regular basis, then this is a sign of hearing loss. You might struggle hard to listen and understand people, especially when the room is crowded or loud music is played in the background. Some of us even experience difficulty in understanding the consonants due to hearing loss. In such situations, you hesitate to socialize, which can result in cognitive and mental issues in the near future. 
  • Do you find something ‘ringing’ in your ears? Many people often complain that they experience some sounds such as hiss, whistle, whirr, ring or buzz in one or both the ears. In medical terms, this problem is called Tinnitus, which arises due to exposure to loud sounds, head injuries, excess ear wax or side effects of any medication. In such cases, don’t wait for tinnitus to get more severe, visit the audiologist and take up the hearing test at the earliest.
  • Do you miss out on regular sounds? This is the biggest red flag to understand whether you need a hearing test or not. Hearing loss can damage the tiny hair cells and therefore, you might fail to hear sounds at a certain level of pitch. Some examples of missing out everyday sounds include missing out the phone calls, missing doorbell, sleeping through the alarms, unable to hear the tweeting or chirping of birds, etc.

If you are experiencing similar symptoms, then it’s high time you visit the audiologist. In this regard, Audiologie Centre Ouest can help you with the right treatments and medications.