4 Useful Tips to Clean Your Lash Extensions Properly

Besides enhancing your beauty, eyelash extensions have the ability to totally change your beauty regime.

Instead of reaching out to a curler and applying multiple coats of mascara, you can just wash your face and leave the house, with no eye makeup needed.

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Eyelash extensions make you look wide awake and perennially fresh, even retina specialist if you may be half-awake and desperately needing some caffeine.

However, although lash extensions are time-saving and convenient, keeping them clean is not an easy task, especially if you’ve recently started using them.

Whether you’ve applied makeup over your lash extensions or not, cleaning them can easily lead to tiny black filaments gathering at the bathroom sink’s bottom.

This is not right particularly if it happens long before the six-week period (up to which they are supposed to last with proper care).

You’ll have to learn to properly clean them to keep your lashes in place and the best condition.

It will also help you avoid spending on new lash extensions. Know about eyelash extensions Sydney price according to Fancy Lash.

Here are some tips for cleaning your eyelash extensions properly.

1. Avoid Eye Makeup

The fact is that, you can totally eliminate the need of lash curler and mascara when you wear lash extensions.

Actually the very purpose of lash extensions is to make your lashes look longer and fuller without makeup. Visit to know more.

Still, if you want to wear eye makeup, you should be sure that at the end of the day, you can totally remove it.

Allowing makeup to gather around your extensions can cause them to get off early and even lead to inflammation of eyelids.

A lot of people are not capable of removing the makeup totally and so, it’s better to avoid it altogether.

2. Avoid Cotton Pads

Experts recommend using a spoolie brush or clean fingers to gently clean lash extensions; they also recommend avoiding cotton pad or swabs.

The reason for this is that cotton swabs snag and rip extensions out. Therefore after applying makeup remover, dab them with tissue to take the product out.

Experts even recommend using a silk or satin pillowcase rather than a cotton pillowcase to save your lashes from snagging while sleeping.

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3. Your Makeup Remover Should be Oil-Free

It’s important to use products particularly made for lash extensions. Other types of products may consist of components that can weaken the glue of your extensions and cause them drop off prematurely.

At least, you should make sure you use a makeup remover or cleanser that is oil-free. This is an important thing to remember because most cleansers in the market today contain oil.

4. Use a Protective Product after the Cleaning Session

You should finish your cleansing session with a protective product in order to give gentle love and care to your lash extensions.

A protective product will nourish your lashes and help your extensions stay in place. You should also be gentle with your lashes.

Apply a coating of protective product over your extensions from base to tip 48 hours after the application.

Keep your lash extensions clean with the above tips and prolong their life.