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5 Sex Tips for Men: How to Have a Better Sex Life

30-Second Summary: 

  • Most men think about sex double the time women do. 
  • Regular exercise has several benefits, and increased sexual performance is one of the most desirable outcomes. 
  • Do Kegel exercises regularly to strengthen your pelvic floor. 
  • Fix your diet by eliminating junk food. 
  • Don’t base your conception of sex on locker room talk or dirty websites. 
  • Give yourself and your partner time to get comfortable for a gradual build-up. 
  • Check out top-rated male enhancements on the market to know what to look for in a supplement. 


According to a study conducted by Ohio State University, young men think about sex 19 times a day. In contrast, young women do so 10 times a day on average. What they found was that men are more sexually oriented. Despite that, there are both mental and physical barriers to a great sexual performance. 

Sexual health problems in men are also quite common, such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. It can be difficult to find a way out without being embarrassed about admitting it. So, we’ve assembled five simple points that you can put into place today to help achieve a better sex life. Let’s get started. 

  1. Exercise – Keeping your body fit and healthy is one of the best ways to increase your libido, stamina, and overall performance. Regular workouts help create a better body, and as a result, you get a better mind with much more clarity. 

The release of endorphins and testosterone helps you achieve a much higher mental state, which is a product of reduced stress and increased self-esteem. Preferably, you should have a workout scheduled every day. However, if you’re a beginner, you can start with going to the gym or working out at home at least three days a week. 

Doing specific exercises like Kegels can help make your pelvic muscles stronger. You’ll have to engage your body like you’re about to stop urine midstream. The great thing about these exercises is that you can do them anywhere and they work wonders for men and women alike. Among the many benefits are getting more stamina and reducing dry orgasms

  1. Don’t Believe Locker Room Talk / Movies – There is a common conception of men bragging about their sexual experiences to their peers. They are also more likely to exaggerate the frequency of their encounters and less likely to talk about their insecurities when it comes to sexual activity.

When people having a lot of sex talk about their experiences and how wild it can be, other men can be left with an unrealistic expectation of sexual frequency and performance. 

The same applies to dirty websites, in the sense that they mess with your conception of what sex should look like with your partner. Just because it’s portrayed one way in the movies doesn’t mean it translates to a pleasurable experience in real life. Remember that the movies aren’t real. 

You should switch off from these websites as soon as you can, and practicing a discipline like nofap can immensely help you reduce performance anxiety while maximizing cognition.

  1. Fix Your Diet – Your diet is something that isn’t talked about enough when it comes to sexual topics. If you’re regularly consuming junk food, then you’re likely to be more prone to sexual health problems in men

Problems like dry orgasms can be solved quickly by consuming healthy food and combining it with proper exercise. Increase the amount of protein you consume and spread it out evenly throughout the day. This boosts testosterone and puts you in a better physical and mental space. 

  1. Work on Foreplay and Pillow Talk – To make sex a pleasurable experience for both you and your partner, a steady build-up is the best way to initiate. Work on your foreplay skills and research pillow talk and what to say in the bedroom to arouse your partner. 

Have open communication with your partner and be familiar with what they like. Stimulating their fantasies using your words can help both of you massively. Pillow talk can also help you relax before getting started, as well as your partner since it puts both of you into a safe space where you’re free to be yourselves. 

Practice building up with light physical touches, and again, talk to your partner about what they like and don’t so that both of you are on the same page in the sheets. 

  1. Take Time – There’s nothing that kills attraction like seeming desperate or rushing the process. As you get older, it’s more important to give yourself and your partner plenty of time to get comfortable due to the changes in both your bodies. 

Scheduling a set time for being intimate with your partner into your calendar can also make both of you less likely to skip it. Be realistic when doing so, if that means doing it once a week, then it’s a good place to start. As a rule, try to choose a timeframe where you won’t be stressed, tired, or distracted. 

Consider Using Enhancement Supplements 

Using some of the top-rated male enhancements can be a good addition to all these healthy habits. 

Styphdxfirol reviews exist online, and they may be able to help you understand what to look for and what not to. Like most supplements, they have their side effects, and you should be well aware of them before you commit to using them. 


Try to implement a healthy lifestyle by engaging in regular exercise and fixing your diet as much as you can. Up your verbal game in the bedroom to help build a more gradual increase in intensity. Don’t rush and communicate openly with your partner about dos and don’ts while being intimate. 

Check out Styphdxfirol reviews on the internet to help you give an idea of what to look for in a good supplement. Remember, take time and enjoy the experience as it is.