A Tremor In An Eye: Causes And Recommendations

It is an uncomfortable and very annoying situation that, fortunately, is rarely serious. We refer to the tremor in the eye, an effect that is almost always due to stress and that is usually located in the eyelids, especially in the lower eyelid.

Sometimes, the very intensity of the tremor movement in the eyelid makes us see objects as if they were moving. It is simply a common and normal reaction of the muscles that make up the eyelid.

Causes Of Tremor In The Eye

Just like optic neuropathy, this problem, which on the other hand is very frequent and we could even say that almost all people suffer from its symptoms to a greater or lesser intensity at some point in their life, is due to the following causes:

  1. Stress And Anxiety

The tremor of the eye is of a nervous type caused by poor stress management and vital stages of great anguish.

  1. Eye dryness

Although less common, a deficit of tears in the eye can lead to irritation of the cornea or conjunctiva, and this leads to involuntary blinking and trembling of the eye.

  1. Fatigue

Overwork, especially in front of the computer, can also make the eye start to twitch. Sometimes a lack of sleep can be behind this problem.

  1. Abusing The Screen

Spending more time than it should in this situation, especially if you do not take the precaution of taking periodic breaks, in front of the computer, tablet or television also favors the appearance of these eyelid spasms.

Preventive Measures If Your Eye Vibrates

The very causes of involuntary blinking or continuous eyelid trembling already offer us clues on how to avoid trembling in the eye, among which are:

  • Try to avoid stressful situations
  • Take periodic breaks when we use the computer or other devices
  • Play sports and other relaxing activities to control anxiety
  • Rest more and sleep for about 8 hours
  • Avoid caffeine, theine and other stimulant substances
  • Lubricate the eyes with special eye drops

When To See A Specialist

The vast majority of times, the tremors in the eye tend to disappear on their own after a while, once we begin to rest enough.

However, if the tremors continue for more than a week or you notice that, at some point, your eyelid is completely closed, and you cannot open it, or it is difficult for you, you should see a doctor. You would have to apply the same recommendation if the tremors are accompanied by some inflammation, discharge or redness of the eye.