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All You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening

The professional teeth whitening process delivers optimum results to the patients in a shorter period. This job is performed under the supervision of professional dentists and it has gained immense popularity among people, who want to avoid the fuss of the professional-at-home teeth whitening kit or the over-the-counter products.

The professional teeth whitening in Prestons procedure begins with a consultation with the dentists. Not everybody qualifies for this process. Therefore, it is important to consult with the dentists before getting this process done. For instance, tooth bleaching is not a good idea for people, who have crowns or large fillings on their front teeth. The chemicals used in this process would bleach your natural teeth but not the dental restorations made from porcelain, ceramic, or composite material. But usually, this process is not performed by a dentist.

Details of the process involved in teeth whitening:

Teeth whitening is not a complicated process, but it needs professional skills to avoid any injury to the gum area. But some expensive equipment is needed to prepare and complete the entire process. Depending on the experience of the dentists, the entire process can take around 60-90 minutes.

Here are the steps that are involved in this process:

  1. Before beginning the teeth whitening procedure, the dentist would prepare a record of the present state of the patient’s teeth.
  2. Therefore, the teeth would be polished with pumice to remove the plaque on the tooth surface.
  3. Then the mouth of the patient will be isolated by using a gauge to keep his/her teeth dry. In some cases, retractors are used to keep the lips, cheeks, and tongue away from the teeth whitening solution.
  4. Next, a barrier would be placed along the gum line to protect the gum further from getting exposed to the solution.
  5. After that, the front surface of the patient’s teeth will be coated with the teeth whitening solution made of carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. Some of the whitening agents also need a laser or curing light to activate the peroxide. Then the solution should be left on the teeth for around 30-60 minutes or can be reapplied in some cases.
  6. After reaching the optimum shade, the teeth can be rinsed. And dentists often use fluoride application after this stage to ease tooth sensitivity.
  7. You can consider additional visits to the dentist until you get the desired shade.


After completing this process, it is better to avoid beverages or food items with a high level of pigment such as tea, coffee, tomato sauce, yellow mustard, tomato juice, black grapes, beets, red wine, candies, etc. for at least 24 hours. Besides, you must avoid having any type of tobacco or smoking. And in case of any emergency, consult with your emergency dentist in Moorebank immediately. By following a proper diet and other habits including smoking, the effects of teeth whitening would last for several months to a year, but the stains will return eventually. In these cases, you can use professional home whitening kits.