Tianeptine sodium is a medicine that is used to cure some serious major depressive order. Tianeptine sodium reddit is available in the market with the names of stablon, coaxil and others. The formula for tianeptine sodium is C21H25ClN2O4S. It can have some serious side effects if it is not taken properly. 


The medication is essential as Tianeptine Sodium cases and powder. The oral tianeptine sodium measurement ought to be taken with a great deal of care to abstain from overdosing. Be on the side of caution, plan for ordinary registration with your primary care physician as you proceed with the tianeptine sodium measurements. The standard measurement is 12.5mg that is ought to be taken three times each day. Also, the measurements can be balanced by your doctor, contingent upon the condition under treatment. 

At the point when you miss a portion, accept the medication when you recall, except if it’s nearly time for the following portion. Never take an additional portion to conceal for the missed dose, which will overdose compared to your requirements, which can prompt serious Tianeptine sodium adverse effects. Tianeptine sodium’s half-life is about 2.5 to 3 hours, and that is the reason its measurements are partitioned into three times out of a day for better outcomes. Then again, the tianeptine sodium, half-life disposal is assessed to associate with 4 to 9 hours. 

The half-life can be controlled depending upon your body and strength requirements. Like in grownups, the tianeptine sodium, the half-life is between 4 to 9 hours. Tianeptine component of activity is nearly the equivalent in the entirety of its structures. However, Sulfate is an improved variant of the tianeptine sulfate. The critical distinction between the two substances is that sulfate salts have superior water- dissolvability than sodium. 

Then again, Sulfate has a more drawn out half-life since it’s retained in your body gradually. Sodium has a short half-life, and you should take its measurement all the more as often as possible for you to accomplish the ideal objectives. The sodium portion is to be taken 3 to 4 times each day. For more details regarding Tianeptine sodium versus sulfate, contact your doctor and make sure you know everything that is required to be known.


States, for example, Michigan have prohibited the utilization of tianeptine sodium, referring to that it’s an uncontrollable substance. It isn’t lawful in the USA yet at the same time can be purchased from various online stores. Numerous clients in the US lean toward purchasing tianeptine sodium through eBay online since there are no limitations, and nobody will get to know that you have tianeptine sodium medicine separated except your doctor. You can likewise purchase tianeptine medicines from various online stores also if you don’t discover them on physical drug stores.

Numerous nations are yet to authorize tianeptine nootropic excluding Latin American and Asia. As expressed by the FDA, the former nations profoundly question the tianeptine sodium nootropic sources, thus, giving cautioning letters to organizations who made the medication.


There have been mixed reviews given about tianeptine sodium reddit. It is important to take the medicine only if it is consulted by the doctors.