You’ve heard of the PicoSure laser if you’ve been thinking about getting medical cosmetic treatments. You may be exploring several aesthetic procedures to see which would be ideal for you, or you may have a specific type of therapy in mind. There’s a strong chance PicoSure can offer you the appropriate course of care.


Cynosure created PicoSure, which takes advantage of picosecond technology. It is the first of a new breed of cosmetic lasers that cure wrinkles, acne scars, and pigmentation problems, including freckles, sunspots, and discolouration, without only using heat. Additionally, it is the first and only aesthetic picosecond laser to offer tattoo removal that is secure and efficient.

Because PicoSure’s energy is provided so quickly, heat buildup diminishes. This enables the microscopic pigment and ink particles used in makeup and tattoos to vibrate and shatter without scorching the tissues around them. As a result, the therapy is more comfortable and produces better outcomes thanks to the decreased heat buildup.

With the help of its patented FOCUSTM Lens Array technology, PicoSure efficiently transforms laser energy into soothing pressure waves. These waves start up an increased inflammatory healing response and trigger cell signalling. Without the thermal harm caused by other lasers, this increases collagen and elastin. This innovative method aims to revive youthful skin by utilising the body’s inherent healing mechanisms.


Although laser tattoo removal is not new, it has never been this efficient. Q-Switched lasers were the industry standard for tattoo erasure for many years. However, it has advanced thanks to the Pico plus laser. With the help of picosecond technology, a significant amount of energy can be released in a very brief period of time. This radiation targets various tattoo inks and shatters the ink into smaller pieces. In addition, the likelihood of heat injury to the skin is lower given the shorter period.


Acne scars can be quite difficult to fade or get rid of completely. Most skin resurfacing procedures are ineffective on these elevated, discoloured markings. Therefore no real improvement can be seen. The PicoSure laser treats acne scars in two different methods. To cause localised thermal injury, the laser first pierces the skin. Second, the scar is dispersed by combining heat damage and picosecond technology. Most patients experience a considerable decrease in the visibility of their scars after a course of treatments, as well as improved skin texture and a clearer complexion.


Even if you’ve never had a tattoo or more than a few pimples, you might still be able to profit from PicoSure’s advantages. The PicoSure laser can minimise wrinkles and fine lines by effectively resurfacing the skin. These procedures promote collagen development in the deeper dermal layers, giving the skin a plumper, more youthful appearance. The benefits of increased collagen formation are fresh, renewed skin and a more youthful appearance. Additionally, PicoSure helps lighten dark areas. It targets the pigment and applies laser energy to the skin. The energy’s mild vibration breaks the pigment into microscopic particles as it permeates the skin.