Are You Looking for Enhancing Your Face Beauty?

In the modern era, human beings are more and more concerned about their physical beauty. They are trying to cure aging or at least to slow it down. And as a result of this, plastic surgery, most importantly facelift surgeries are gaining popularity.

Facelift surgery or otherwise scientifically known as Rhytidectomy is a procedure done to give us a more youthful appearance. It can be done surgically or by facial exercises. In this procedure excess, facial skin is get rid of and then underlying tissue is tightened. As a result, wrinkles disappear from the skin. And it can be paired with eyelid surgery.


According to various records, first facelift surgery is done by Eugen Hollander in 1901 in Germany on an elderly polish female patient. But with the advancement of science, various procedures are invented like Liposculpture, Botox, etc. And nowadays surgeons also care to hide the scar from the surgery to give their patients a naturally young-looking skin.


Facelift surgery is done by a hand full of procedures, namely SMAS Lift, Deep-plane Lift, Composite Facelift, Mid Facelift, Mini Facelift, Subperiosteal Facelift, Skin-only Facelift, MACS Facelift, etc in Facelift in Yanhee hospital (ดึงหน้า ยันฮี, Which is the term in Thai)  or other reputed hospitals.

Contradiction and Complications

The main contraindication of facelift surgery is like other surgeries and directly related to wound healing. As smoking, hypertension, and diabetes slows down the wound healing process patients are asked to stay away from cigarette and control their blood sugar and blood pressure.

Facelift surgery can cause a few complications after the surgery, like:

  • Injury to the facial nerve which may cause paralysis of facial muscles.
  • Hematomas which can lead to dyspnea
  • Hair loss at the site of incision is also common

Facelift Surgery Around the Globe

Facelift surgery in most developed countries is pretty costly. But unlike other countries, it can be done in Thailand at half of that cost. And their service is also top of the class which can compete with most developed countries. Facelift in Yanhee is well-known for its cosmetic and beauty department. And they are also cost-effective as they do facelift surgery at a cost of a minimum of 20% less than other hospitals in Thailand.

For Facelift in Yanhee hospital, you will get a multispecialty service with the specialist’s doctors and nurses who are ready to serve you. Generally, these hospitals have a complete package of a facelift, neck lift, and brow lift surgery at a very affordable cost.