Beginner’s Guide To Cannabis Growth: Questions To Ask And Their Answers

Cannabis cultivation is taking place across the entire globe. This is probably good news for people who love cannabis. 

But now, questions like “What are the problems I must avoid?” “Are there any benefits of growing cannabis indoors?” and “What are the supplies I need for growing cannabis?” are popping out everywhere.

Don’t worry. In this particular guide, you will find answers to these questions. 


Questions To Ask When Growing Cannabis For The First Time

Given below are questions that you must ask when growing marijuana at your home for the first time. Look below!


1. Where Can I Get My Cannabis Seeds?

This is a relatively simple question, but it’s also an important one. You should always purchase seeds from a trusted and reliable source. This way, you can be assured of successful cultivation.

I will personally recommend you to get your seeds from . The website is legit and sells some of the best and highest-quality seeds of all time. 

No matter type of cannabis seeds you are looking for, you will find cannabis seeds from reputable online companies such as website with no hassle.  

Do you know what the best part is? Each of these seeds carries detailed information about them, so you will know what type of seeds you are opting for, where they originated from and what kind of taste you can expect. 


2. Is It Possible To Stick A Seed Within The Soil And Watch It Grow?

Yes, you can. Since the marijuana plant is a weed, it has the power to grow in various conditions. 

But let me remind you that when you look forward to a quality bud and decent yield, you must provide your plants with the things they need, especially during the newborn stage. 

When growing the plants, you have to provide them with proper nutrients, water, and plenty of light. 

One thing you have to keep in mind is that light is like food to your plants. If you want to make them healthy, you have to feed them lots of light. 


3. I Want To Grow Cannabis Indoors. What Are The Benefits?

Okay, so you want to grow cannabis inside your home? That’s pretty cool! Yes, you will surely get a lot of benefits by doing so. Here are some of them. 

  1. You Get More Choices

For many growers out there, there is a specific strain of Sativa and Indica, which is consistently enjoyed. They are cultivated indoors for a better harvest. 

There are also dispensaries and seed-banks located across the entire country that provide genetics to all the home growers. 

  1. Will Help You Save Money

Growing cannabis at home will surely help you save a lot of cash. It’s true because when you have the stuff at home, there is no need for you to purchase them from an online or physical store. 

Also, if you are a recreational consumer or growing cannabis at home for medical reasons, trust me, it will save you hundreds and thousands of dollars. 

  1. Growing Cannabis Indoors Is Therapeutic 

The care and love, which all the marijuana plants require are one of the reasons why people love growing them at home. 

I believe that nurturing a plant throughout its lifespan is pretty therapeutic. No wonder that growing cannabis is one of the best ways to connect with nature. 

Come on, it’s alright to get your hands a little dirty now!!


4. How To Tell Whether Or Not A Seed Is Good?

It is simple – All you have to do is germinate the seed, and if it grows, it’s surely a viable seed. 

But do you know fragile and pale seeds can grow into the best cannabis plants?  You can quickly recognize the quality of a particular seed just by taking a look at it. 

Are you in doubt? Do something, order the seeds of some of the proven strains from a reputed and trusted breeder. This is the only way to ensure the quality, the smell, and the taste. 

The difference in the outcomes among the strains is pretty cool. High-quality cannabis seeds will have strips on them, protective coatings that can be rubbed off easily. 


5. What Type Of Earth Should I Get To Develop My Cannabis Plant?

Any high-quality potting soil will easily do the trick. But it’s advised that you don’t choose soil that carries time-released nutrients. 

Also, don’t just grab dirt from outside and use it to grow your plants. 

If you are looking for a specific brand, I suggest you go for the Fox Farm soil. They are loved by many cannabis growers, and can you can mix the soil with 20% of perlite. 

You are also free to use “LIVING SOIL,” which is utilized by many growers. This way, you will not have to add too many nutrients to the water. 


6. What Type Of Container Should I Go For?

No unique pot or container is required for growing your cannabis plant, as any type of container will do. If you want to follow a straightforward growing process, I suggest you opt for the SMART POT. 

This is a growing container, which is created with fabric. They come in many shapes, and you are free to choose the one that matches your needs. 

The plus point about these containers is that they can help deliver oxygen right towards the roots. This helps to increase the plants’ growth and prevent issues like overwatering from taking place. 


7. What Are The Mistakes I Should Avoid When Growing Cannabis Indoors?

There is no doubt that we all make mistakes when it comes to growing cannabis. So, when you are growing them indoors, there are several mistakes you can avoid.

  1. Giving Your Plants Less Or Too Much Nutrients

Providing your cannabis plants with too many nutrients is viewed as overfeeding. This can be a relatively straightforward blunder to make, and even professional growers sometimes do it. 

Remember, too many nutrients can cause nutrient burn in your cannabis plants. It will be much better if you provide well-balanced nutrients to your plant so that it thrives. 

  1. Wrong Climatic Conditions

Proper humidity and temperature are compulsory when it comes to growing cannabis indoors. The most common mistake that cannabis growers make is not being fully aware of the climate in which the plants are growing. 

When the temperature is way too cold, it will surely stunt the growth of the plant. But in more extreme cases, it might just kill the plants as well. 

On the other hand, when the temperature is pretty high, it will cause the cannabis plants to stress, which will make the leaves curl up. The buds will also become harmful and even obliterate the plant. 

Make sure you check the temperature and humidity within the indoor area if you want high-quality cannabis plants. 

  1. Providing The Wrong Lighting

Light is the primary source of cannabis plants, and it needs plenty of it. Not providing enough light to the plants stands out as a pretty common issue for a majority of the indoor growers. 

That is why you need to use proper lighting to receive enough light to feed on your plants. Not doing so will either stop your plants from growing or destroy them. 


8. What Are The Things I Need For My Grow Operation?

Well, I have listed some of the essential things or supplies, which you do require when you are growing cannabis plants. Check below!

  1. Clones or Seeds: To get started, you will need cannabis clones or seeds. There are many of them available, and you are free to choose the ones that you like. 
  1. Lights: If you are growing your plants indoors, you require good lights. Well, I am not talking about the standard house lights. You need LED lights for your plants so that they can grow properly. These lights are powerful and tend to be effective in the growth stage.
  1. Scissors: A pair of scissors is compulsory for harvesting and trimming marijuana plants. Make sure you get a good pair of sharp scissors to cut down the buds once they are ready for harvest.

Last Words To Share

When you are just starting as a cannabis grower, things might look a bit confusing for you. Even though growing cannabis is not that difficult, but there are some mistakes you have to avoid. There are also some steps that you have to carefully follow so that you obtain positive results. Hope this post proved to be an insightful read.