Benefits Of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy For Concussions

Concussions are serious injuries. They are usually the result of accidents in which the brain and the skull are pushed together at high pressure. They lead to brain cell damage and biochemical changes that can have profound and lasting effects. Unfortunately, they rarely get the attention they deserve. Many are ignored including those sustained during sports matches. American football, rugby, and boxing are just some of the high-risk sports for traumatic brain injuries. They can result in anxiety, depression, insomnia, fatigue, chronic headaches, and cognitive problems. The following are some of the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for concussions:

Faster Healing

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy or HBOT can help patients heal faster from their injuries. In many ways, concussions can be thought of as wounds inside the brain. We may not be able to see the damage but there are telltale signs that we can feel and experience. This form of therapy increases the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream which helps the cells repair themselves. The internal wounds heal faster which limits the damage on the individual. In mild cases, patients can recover completely within a short period. Even in more severe cases, HBOT still helps in hastening cell repair and minimizing impairments.

Reduced Symptoms

The symptoms of the traumatic brain injury are reduced through hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Patients will feel the gradual easing of the severity and frequency of their headaches. Over time, it will not be as crippling as it once was. They will be able to sleep better instead of suffering from debilitating insomnia. Their moods and emotions will also be more stable than before. All of these will result in a better quality of life for the affected person. The return to normalcy is possible sooner rather than later as they will feel like themselves again.

Improved Brain Function

Cognitive issues can hound people who suffered from multiple concussions. They can use different types of therapies to bring back anything that they might have lost. The sessions can focus on the physical or the mental aspect of cognition. Oxygen therapy deals with the former. By helping people heal faster and reducing their symptoms, brain function also improves as a consequence. This is particularly clear for those who suffered mild traumatic brain injuries. They have better memory, processing speed, executive function, and attention. Increased blood oxygen level speeds up the repair of connecting tissues in the brain, allowing different parts to communicate better and function at a high capacity.

Increase Energy at Cell Level

The oxygen-rich blood is extremely helpful to all the cells that receive this extra boost. The mitochondria, the cell’s energy factory, is able to do its job at a higher level. Remember that it relies on cellular respiration to function. More oxygen means more fuel for this powerhouse of the cell. The brain and other parts of the body will operate better. On a macro level, this also results in a feeling of higher energy. The fatigue felt by TBI patients will slowly fade away.