Bladder Cancer: Causes You Should Know

Some cancers predominate in men, and some in women. The type of cancer we are considering is more common in men. If you rely on statistics, then bladder cancer is detected in hundreds of people every year.

Causes of Bladder Cancer

The causes of bladder cancer will not surprise you. In general, based on medical data – these are bad habits and environmental impact. Sometimes the cause of cancer accelerates the development of the tumor. And, of course, the prognosis of bladder cancer depends on this.

Smoking and other ways of using tobacco. It has long been known that tobacco carries a lot of harm to a person, affecting the quality of blood, lung health, and the performance of internal organs. In fact, this is one of the stupid bad habits that millions of people are exposed to. A large percentage of patients with bladder cancer are smokers.

Infections due to exposure to parasites also cause diseases and, eventually, bladder cancer. You can catch such parasites, both by swimming in dirty reservoirs, and by consuming poorly processed food (we are talking primarily about heat treatment.)

Oncologists often associate bladder cancer with industrial poisoning. In particular, we are talking about poisoning in chemical production and maintenance. After all, it is well known that PPE does not protect a person well enough from external dangers.

Alcohol, as well as other aggressive irritants of the walls of the bladder, are the cause of the appearance of cancerous tumors in the bladder.  An unhealthy diet also increases the risk of bladder cancer.

It is important to note that the above reasons are statistics. Often, the cause of an oncological tumor in the bladder is not obvious. Therefore, it is important to know the symptoms, and if they are detected, immediately contact an oncologist.

Signs of Bladder Cancer

The symptoms of bladder cancer are as follows:

  • Traces of blood when urinating. This can be a bloody staining of the blood or blood clots during urination.
  • Problems with urination (called dysuria). In particular, this is manifested in the form of pain when urinating: tingling, lingering pain, etc.
  • Abdominal pain. Of course, abdominal pain has many causes, but if they are accompanied by the symptoms described in the previous two paragraphs, then the doctor should be notified about it.

Frequent urination, lower back pain, changes in the color of urine – these are additional reasons to be wary and visit an oncologist.

Prevention Measures

It will not be possible to completely protect yourself from this type of cancer, but it is necessary to take measures that will reduce the risk of bladder cancer. Preventive measures consist of 2 parts: giving up bad habits (smoking, alcohol, etc.), and a healthy diet rich in fruits, veggies and vitamins.