Debunking 3 Myths About Fat Transfer Procedures


Practically every single person wouldn’t mind changing a few things about how they look. This could be increasing the butt or breast areas, reducing the muffin top, or streamlining the thighs a little. Whichever yours is, you have probably considered going under the knife to make the dream a reality. There are different surgical augmentation procedures in the market. Fat transfer is gaining popularity and taking over the industry for being rather “natural”. Since your own fat is harvested from one area of your body and transferred to another, it is deemed safe and effective. If you are thinking about it, here’s a guide that can be of help. We have debunked three myths surrounding this topic for you.

Myth 1: Results are not long-lasting

First off, some people are understandably skeptical about the longevity of the fat transfer procedure. Well, the truth is that if the procedure is performed by a competent doctor, the results will be permanent. This is because the fat is essentially coming from your own tissue. As long as the grafted fat establishes a good blood supply, it will sustain itself for the long haul. Having said that, some of the fat can get re-absorbed in the body. In such a case, your doctor will only tweak things a little to get the desired outcome. All in all, fat transfer results are permanent if done correctly.

Myth 2: Fat transfer is cheap

Here’s another big fat myth out there. Because the procedure involves your own fat, many people assume that it is less costly than implants. Sadly, transferring fat from one area to another is quite the task. For one, this augmentation technique utilizes three steps to achieve the best result. The surgeon will first harvest the fat from your preferred site using a syringe and cannula. Then, they will process it via a centrifuge and get it ready for transfer. Finally, they will prepare the designated area and perform the placement. This requires a high level of skill and expertise ultimately driving the cost higher. To really optimize the results, the surgeon may have to repeat the procedure twice or three times which means you’ll have to dig deeper into your pocket. The actual cost depends on the amount of fat being removed and transferred. On average, expect to part with $5000 – $11000 for fat transfer to the buttocks.

Myth 3: Side effects are high

In all honesty, expect to experience some discomfort a few days after a fat transfer procedure. This is especially for a large area such as the buttocks. The injections and liposuction will certainly cause bruising and swelling. Some people are also concerned about scarring. However, like any other invasive procedure, these side effects often die down within a few days (or a week at most). As for scars, you may notice very tiny ones where the surgeon made the incisions. These are very easily concealed with clothing and makeup.

Those looking for a quick, safe, and effective augmentation method are good candidates for the fat transfer procedure from a place like Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center. The only qualification is that you have to be in top health and have enough fats to actually harvest.