Dos and Don’ts for Six Pack Abs

Aren’t six-pack abs just amazing? They can make your body look perfect. Although an abs workout is quite challenging from the rest of the exercises, they are always worth the efforts. If you want to get six pack abs, you must work out with a lot of dedication, and before getting started, you must understand that things happen over time and not overnight. 

Therefore, you must have a good patience level. It would be best if you follow certain things that should be avoided entirely while working out for abs. 

This article will discuss the essential things you should be doing and other things you should avoid. 

Things that should be done:

  • Do exercises regularly

Six pack abs are a dream of many people, but not everyone works for it. You should never take your workouts lightly. It requires you to do the exercise regularly. 

It is advised to go to the gym at least five times a week. Also, you must include strength training and cardio in your exercise for better results. 

  • Do Crunches

Crunches are considered to be the most effective exercise that could work for your abdominals. To have good results, you must do at least four sets of 15 repetitions.  

  • Take proper nutrition

Exercise is not enough to get six-pack abs. You must also have a nutritious diet. 

Food plays a significant role in getting your body fit. A particular food is highly recommended while doing the abs, such as Nuts and seeds, whole grains foods, fruits and vegetables, legumes, fatty fish, etc. 

Things that should be avoided

  • Don’t do intense exercises every day

There are some abs workouts like windmills, and hanging leg raises that are effective for getting six-pack abs. However, these exercises should not be daily as it requires proper rest. 

You could also go for crunches daily, as they are not that hard and do not require much rest.

  1. Avoid sugary and processed foods.

It would be best if you increased the intake of healthy carbohydrates and proteins in your diet. Thus, always avoid processed food and sugar in your diet. The fried food can also be a threat for you if you are working for six-pack abs, as they are high in trans fat.

It would be best if you strictly avoided alcohol consumption as they are harmful not only for your health but also to your waistline. 

  1. Don’t strain your back.

If you do not strain your back, it results in an imbalance of muscles. So you must have support for your spine while doing the abs workout. If you have a stronger core, you may not face back pain or injury. 


You must make up your mind before starting the abs-workout. There might be times when you would feel like giving up on the workout, but you must have good willpower to withstand all the challenges. 

You must also follow the things mentioned earlier that should be done and avoided for the best results with complete dedication.