Drug addiction facts: 4 more susceptible types of situation   

Drug addiction brings change to both psychological and physical parts of the body. The use of the substance can be harmful and dangerous. It is not necessary that following drug addiction facts arise in every case of addiction. These symptoms and effects can vary from person to person. So, if you feel even the slightest chance of getting addicted, then consider medical help.

Four types of situation which shows you are addicted

You will see many signs if you are getting addicted to drugs, but you need to be receptive to notice it. However, these four signs are the most susceptible ones.

  • Cravings: You’re craving for drugs or other substances are increasing over time. You experience an intense desire or urge to use drugs. Desires can be consciously by seeing it in front of you or unconsciously thinking about it all the time. Craving increases because of dopamine release in the brain, which provides a sense of satisfaction physically and mentally.

The satisfaction level keeps on increasing with time, creating cravings for more dopamine released through drugs. You are eventually increasing your tolerance level of getting high. You will require more amount of drugs to give the same feeling of satisfaction as before.

  • Withdrawal symptom: Your dependency on drugs has increased to a level where you can see a withdrawal symptom in you. When you try to reduce or stop using drugs, you experience irritability, sickness, vomiting, abdominal pain, excessive sweating, abnormal feeling, and anger. 

You grow accustomed to using the substance and cannot change your habit, although it is causing harm. You need it continuously, and when the substance is not in your system, you feel poorly or abnormally sick.

  • Neglecting nature: It is a drug addiction fact that you grow a habit of ignoring or non prioritizing things that were very important to you. Like you skip your work responsibility, you forget your health, hygiene, social responsibility, home, family, kids, etc. You do not care about taking a bath, washing cloth, or sleeping. 

Your work is getting hampered. As a result, you are facing financial trouble. Your bank account is draining, but you don’t mind borrowing money for drugs or even stealing.

  • Isolate Yourself: You have to isolate yourself to hide the fact that you use drugs from your friends and family. You do not want your relatives to know how the drug is damaging you. This gap in relation may also be because you experience emotions like depression, stress, anxiety, paranoia, a hallucination, or other mental problems. 

Your patience level may get reduced because of the drug, making you aggressive and bad at keeping relation. You may get into fights for little reason, which is causing many ties to break. You might even get into legal problems. Your primary focus will be how you can take drugs, and anyone who comes in between you will not mind fighting wit him/her.


This addiction symptom will be severe if you take injection drugs and if you want to know more, click on this link Many deny the facts mentioned above and do not accept that they are addicted. But to get the cure, you must first find the cause.