The blue dream strain is basically a sweet smelling and tasting strain that is reminiscent of fresh blueberries. A rather staple strain amongst the medical community, this potent medical strain offers many benefits such as relief from pain and anxiety and is known to bring feelings of happiness and wellbeing. Now, in this post, we will enlighten our readers with everything they must know about the blue dream cannabis strain.

What is Blue Dream Cannabis?

The Blue Dream cannabis strain originally came into existence from the cross-breeding of two delicious and fragrant strains, namely Haze and Blueberry. The former being an Indica and the latter a Sativa. With a THC content anywhere from 17-25%, this strain does not pack as powerful a punch as strains like Gorilla Glue 4, which is a downright monster. However, it does not disappoint its users as well.

What are some common effects associated with Blue Dream Cannabis?

Blue dream marijuana strain usually offers a variety of effects, that makes it a versatile and a rather easily lovable option for almost any type of smoker. This strain to begin with often leaves its consumers with an uplifted, relaxed feeling, that is often paired with a kind of euphoria that is not just creative but extremely energizing as well.

What are the medical benefits of consuming Blue Dream Cannabis?

Blue Dream to begin with is considered a suitable option for helping those who are suffering from mental disorders like stress and depression. Thereafter, this strain also helps with physical impairments such as chronic pain, headaches and strong levels of fatigue. When it comes to mental illness, it is likely that smoking an average amount of this cannabis strain would be in your favour. However, it is always a good idea to know your limitations and find a balance in the amount of consumption to achieve the most effective results.

On the contrary, if you are handling fatigue, chronic pain, or headaches, then an edible, concentrate or larger-than-average bowl of Blue Dream would be a good option.

How is the aroma, flavour and appearance of the Blue Dream Cannabis?

The Blue Dream cannabis usually boasts of a rather hard-hitting and pungent aroma that is unlike any other cannabis strains till date. Appearance-wise, this cannabis starkly resembles the fresh blueberries with no shades of blue or purple. Instead, the colour of the buds ranges from rich-green, yellow to orange.

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