Examining And Controlling The Concentration And Alcohol Level Of A Driver’s Exhaled Air

Priority is given to testing the alcohol content in the body using electronic devices that measure the alcohol concentration in the exhaled air. Only when the condition of the person subject to examination makes it impossible to carry out such examinations, or the person refuses to undergo such examination, it is done by taking a blood or urine test. The result of the test with the device is not irrefutable evidence. 

How accurate these Analyzers are?

Exhalation analyzer tests are not performed within 15 minutes from the end of alcohol consumption or smoking by the test person. The exhalation analyzer is measured using a mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is replaced each time before the measurement is carried out. The mouthpiece packaging should be opened in the presence of the examined person. If the first measurement is made on an infrared expiratory analyzer and the result is more than 0.00 mg/l, a second measurement shall be made immediately. When the first measurement is made on an electrochemical oxidation exhalation analyzer and the result is more than 0.00 mg/l, a second measurement is made after 15 minutes.

At the request of the examined person or when there is a justified suspicion that he/she has committed a crime , the result of the infrared exhalation analyzer test result of more than 0.00 mg/l should be verified by the infrared spectrometric exhalation analyzer test by taking two measurements. The second measurement is made immediately after the first measurement is made. When the first measurement is made with the expiratory analyzer and the result is equal to or greater than 0.10 mg/l and the second measurement is 0.00 mg/l, a third measurement with the same exhalation analyzer is made immediately. If the result of the third measurement is 0.00 mg/l, the test does not indicate alcohol use.

The test of exhaled air may also be performed with the use of an exhalation analyzer not equipped with a digital presentation of the measurement result, and also without the use of a mouthpiece, if the manufacturer of the exhalation analyzer provides for such a method of its operation. If the test reveals the presence of alcohol in the exhaled air, the exhalation test shall be promptly performed with one of the exhalation analyzers listed above. If the suspected person left the scene of the incident prior to being tested for sobriety, and was subsequently arrested or reported himself to an authorized body responsible for law enforcement, test with an exhaust analyzer. It is not performed with an exhalation analyzer not equipped with a digital presentation of the measurement result or without the use of a mouthpiece.

Devices owned by the Police

The best electronic devices are Soberlink Advanced breath analyzers which are used to measure the alcohol content in the exhaled air that are on the equipment of the Police intended for preliminary, indicative blood alcohol content tests by analyzing exhaled air, the results of which, in order to prove the state of intoxication or alcohol consumption, require confirmation by the analysis of exhaled air using devices whose measurement has a certain probative value, or by analyzing a blood sample taken, showing a reliable result. You can read expanded Soberlink reviews here for info.