Explained: What is covid test home collection & how you can avail it

The COVID-19 testing laboratories and clinics have been working to the best of their capacity even since the pandemic hit the country. To meet the surge of tests, every leading laboratory is offering the most reliable services. One such facility is the Covid test home collection service available in almost every city. You must know all about this service and the best way to avail it.

All three types of COVID-19 tests are available for the home collection option. You should choose the one prescribed by your doctor. You can easily book your slot by visiting the online website of your preferred laboratory or giving a call on the displayed numbers. Let us look at all the details you need to know about the Covid test home collection.

What Is Covid Test Home Collection?

The Covid test home collection service is a facility offered by laboratories and clinics to help us submit the test samples at the comfort of our homes. Once the booking is complete, a certified lab technician comes to collect the sample using a test kit. This service is highly beneficial for children, senior citizens, and heavily affected patients. You can choose this service at your convenience.

Steps To Avail Home Collection Service

You need to make a booking to get the home collection service. You can choose the date and time slot of the test as per your requirement. Here are the simple steps you need to follow.

Search For The Best Clinic

When you do not have to travel the distance, you can choose the best clinic without worrying about the transportation facility. Search for the best labs online to make the booking.

Check The Details

Go through the home collection service details available on the website of your selected laboratories. You can compare the dates, available time slots and charges to filter out your final choice.

Compare Available Charges

Charges may differ from one location to another. In some cases, it is beneficial to compare the rates of nearest labs if the distance is affecting the price.

Verify The Timings

You must verify the time slot mentioned on the site to ensure the lab technician reaches your home at the right time. Since the reports take a maximum of 6-8 hours, it is better to choose the morning slot.

Book Your Slot

You can book your slot on the website or by giving a call on the available phone lines. Mention the patient details correctly to avoid confusion.

Note Down Booking Details

Once done, note down the booking number and details. Technicians may ask for these details to verify the source of booking.

Tips To Choose The Best Testing Lab For Home Collection

For you to reap the maximum benefits of the Covid test home collection service, it is vital to choose the best testing laboratory. As we know, only a few authorised clinics and labs can conduct COVID-19 tests under the guidelines issued by the government. Follow these tips to find the most reliable lab for this purpose.

  • Check the locations of the lab in the city. The more areas it covers, the better reach you get to avail of the services.
  • Never rely upon third-party websites. Go through the official website of your preferred testing lab.
  • Go through the ratings and reviews online to understand how well the lab serves and yields accurate results.

Home collection services are high in demand these days. With people understanding the importance of maintaining physical distance, this facility has become mainstream. You must also opt for the same if any of your family members need to get tested. Follow the simple steps to book our slot!