Finding the Best COVID-19 Testing Site in Los Angeles

Regular monitoring and the early detection of underlying medical conditions are key to ensuring one’s optimum health. That is why as a mother it is very important to me that my family and I are getting regular check-ups and that we are given enough medical attention when we feel like under the weather or we feel like there is something wrong with our body that we do not normally experience. 

Ever since the pandemic started, I became more cautious and there were times that I became very worried about my family getting sick, most especially when one feels COVID-like symptoms. It has been a struggle getting out of the house for work and errands. Restrictions were implemented all over the world, strict compliance of minimum health protocols are to be observed and COVID testing is required almost everywhere.

COVID-19 Testing Locations

As the need for testing arises, there are lots of testing centers popping up like mushrooms in every corner in the community. Here and there, near or far, small and big industries, hospital-based or free-standing clinics, everything you can think of, offers COVID testing services. Even though there were lots of them, only one stood up and gave me and my family an exemplary COVID testing experience. Dr. MobiCare is by far the only testing center that we trust, and I cannot deny the fact that I have been referring them to my colleagues and friends. 

My first experience with them was with their mobile testing under Dr. Mobicare’s pop up testing service. To register for testing was as easy as one, two, three! Just a few clicks away and then you are already registered. We were given instructions that were easy to understand and not misleading. The entire process flow of the testing procedure was smooth sailing, starting from registration up until the claiming of results. It is not even a hassle or a problem as to where you can get tested because they have testing sites in major locations of the city. You can easily get access to the nearest testing site through their site locator on their website. 

What To Look Out For

Every testing site is very clean and well maintained, clients are assured that the place is sanitized regularly. Staff were very accommodating with our needs and even did extra efforts offering assistance although not directly asked. You can really see that they have a customer-centric medical staff.  As to releasing and claiming results there is nothing that I could ask for. Results are received within minutes and you can even get tested two times in a week.

Another thing that I love about the most about their COVID testing is that they honor insurances. We got the testing for free since it is covered by our insurance, which is why it is more worth it. 

Testing Site Features

The key features of Dr. MobiCare COVID testing is that they have a pediatric COVID testing, which is a non-invasive and painless testing for children. The test is done by swabbing the child inside the cheek. They have an express lane for families and they also have something like an express lane for people who are coming in as a group to get tested. 

There is an available service where you can book them on your event or party where they could have a minimum of 30 people to get tested. There is no need for the participants to go to the testing sites individually since you can make an arrangement for them to come to you instead. 

At Dr. MobiCare everything is made way easier and more convenient. There is no need for us to worry about check-ups and laboratory needs. They always make sure that you are well taken care of and you get what you need. You can even get tested in the comfort of your home if you want to or you can’t go to their testing sites. Dr. MobiCare has always made quality health care service reachable and attainable.