At the present moment, geek bar and elf bar are the two biggest names in disposable vaping. Now it is up to you to decide which is right for you. These days, disposable vaping is making a big splash in the market and we are glad to help you in choosing the right product for you. 

There are lots of similarities in these disposable vape pens and you need to choose which is best. So let us have a look at the technical details, design choices, device performance, etc.

Feature Differences Geek Bar vs Elf Bar 

Both the bars are compact, unobtrusive disposable vape pens. The vape pens are designed for convenience in usage and free of hassle. They come from ready-filled and ready to use directly from the packet. 

The e-liquid capacity in both the packet is the same and provides the same nicotine strength to the user. When the battery life and puff counts are taken into consideration the Elf bar is considered superior to the Geek bar with a slim margin. 

The Puff count from the bar is a rough estimate as the number of puffs taken and how long the battery will last will depend on your vaping style. The number of times you vape and the short, quick long or deep drags decides the battery of your vapes. The technical aspect of a vape device is how the device feels on your hands and the flavour it offers to you. 

Disposable Vape Ergonomics 

Geekvape brand is well known for its commitment to technological innovation. While comparing the geek bar to the elf bar, the geek bar is more rectangular, with curved edges measuring 105mm x 23mm x 14 mm at its widest point. Both geek bars and elf bars taper off toward the mouthpiece. The only difference is that the geek bar is made of a single piece and with a seamless piece of material. 

Geek bar has a shiny, sleek design that tends more toward the flashy and futuristic whereas elf bar makes use of a matte grippy texture. 

Out of these two bars, the design of the elf bar is more conventional. Elf bar maintains the same diameter throughout the body until it reaches the separate mouthpiece where it tapers off into an ergonomic duckbill-style drip tip. 

The mouthpiece and the actual body of the elf bar are plain back and its outer layer is coloured that represents its given flavour. The layer is made of textured material and the matte colour gives it a grippy feel that is understated and crisp. 

Flavour comparison of Geek Bar Vs Elf Bar 

 Many vape fans that vape should be decided based on the flavour it provides. Both the bars are available in a variety of fruit and sweets flavours. They both sever up a variety of bold, vibrant options with some flavours cropping up across both brands like Pink Lemonade along with some perennial fruity favourites like watermelon, strawberry and grape. 

Geek bar offers 20 different flavours whereas elf bar offers only 10. If you are a fan of flavours it is better to choose a geek bar. You also have an option for classic, straightforward flavours like Menthol and Tobacco.