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Give Yourself the Best Chance to Beat Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a debilitating condition. While it doesn’t have a cure, there are several things you can do to better your chances against it. Following are several pointers that will help you lessen Tinnitus intensity and in some cases even completely resolve it for you. 

Clean up your diet – Cut out all the bad from your diet. What’s bad. Excessive amounts of sugar, fat and salt are all bad. These three ingredients are notorious for wreaking havoc on your blood pressure. Increased or irregular blood pressure then makes blood supply to your ears chaotic. Nutrient supply is affected and your ears begin to malfunction. Tinnitus is one of the results. If you already have Tinnitus, it will spike after you eat a meal that is either too salty, too sugary or full of fats. Permanently changing your diet can give your Tinnitus a chance to permanently resolve as well. However, this will take time. But, It will be well worth the effort when your Tinnitus is finally able to go away.

Quit smoking and drinking – Both alcohol and smoking disrupt your blood pressure. Alcohol also inhibits your ability to sleep well which can then lead to stress and anxiety, both of which are Tinnitus triggers. If you quit drinking or smoking, you will almost immediately notice a lessening of your Tinnitus symptoms, especially if you drink or smoke regularly. Even if you can’t cut out our habits, try reducing the frequency. Anything will help.

Check your vitamin levels – Several studies have shown that vitamin deficiencies can be contributing factors to causing or worsening Tinnitus. Get your blood work checked up. The following vitamins have been linked to Tinnitus; Vitamin D and B12. Get your minerals checked out too. Magnesium and folate levels have also been linked to cases of ringing in the ears. 

Protect your ears – If you have Tinnitus, it means that your ears are sensitive. Therefore, it is very important that you protect them against loud noise damage. If you work in a noisy environment or live in a busy street corner or attend concerts often, it is imperative that you protect your ears against loud noise. Chronic exposure to loud noise can cause not just Tinnitus or Tinnitus spikes, but also lead to hearing loss.

See if you are a candidate for hearing aids – 90% of Tinnitus patients also have hearing loss. Before you say that you can hear fine and don’t have hearing loss, please know that most people with partial hearing loss don’t know they have hearing loss. Sounds come in many frequencies and not everyone can hear every frequency. Though some form of hearing loss is inevitable as you age, too much hearing loss too quickly can lead to the onset of Tinnitus or a worsening of Tinnitus. Visit an audiologist to get a hearing test done. You might then be prescribed hearing aids which can have a profound effect in lessening your Tinnitus intensity or even let it resolve in some cases.

All of the above steps are fairly simple steps you can take. Practice them for a month or two and then look for these signs that Tinnitus is going away. Good news might be just around the corner!