Going for the eye surgery then know about certain things:

Everyone who wears glasses or contact lenses wants to get rid of them. Because they also know these things are for temporary corrections of the eyesight. And, it is not effective in the long term. But on the other hand, if someone chooses surgery. Then, it is for sure that they will get better eyesight for the longer term. And, the person only faces an eyesight problem in their old days. That is a common thing for everyone. But there are many things people need to know about eye surgeries too. Because there is a different type of surgeries.

The first one is the LASIK that many people knows about it. And, the second one is the PRK which means Photorefractive keratectomy. Both are used for better eyesight. But there is a lot of difference between them. the procedure, recover time expenses, and many other things. And, if someone goes to the doctor then they will get a clear picture of it. That which of the surgery is suitable for their eyes.  Because not everyone’s eyes are suitable for LASIK and not everyone can opt for PRK. So, only the doctor can give more information about it.

Which is the best PRK or LASIK?

When there are two types of surgeries that people can opt for. So, it is obvious that in people’s minds the question will run that prk vs lasik. Which one of them is good for their eyes. So, if someone has a thinner cornea then PRK is suitable for them. But if someone doesn’t have a thin cornea then it is not suitable for them. the recovery time in LASIK is faster. But the cost is less in PRK. There are pros and cons to everything. And, both of them are good. But the doctor should decide which is good for the patient.

See an instant change in eyesight with LASIK

If someone goes with LASIK then they can see an instant improvement. Like, one can see the improvement right after the surgery is done. And, the recovery time is very less in LASIK. So, people can go back to their normal life after one or two days.

Money is also a factor

Since the insurance is not covered in surgeries. So, the money will play a big role in it. That is why many people also go with PRK. Because it is a cheaper option. But the recovery time is more than LASIK. So, think about it and then decide which is the best option.