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In parallel, the cannabis flower was already considered a medicine , a source of well-being and an aid for the meditation of the Chinese, but also of the Egyptians or the Greeks of antiquity.

It is known today as hemp, marijuana or weed, the flower of the cannabis plant has the distinction naturally, they secrete a precious resin known to man from the dawn of time for its powerful effects. From the online dispensary canada  you can find the best choices now.

CBD History

Until the mid-21st century, there was no specific definition describing the cannabis resin formulation.

Buy legal weed online Cannabidiol or ‘ CBD ‘ was identified and appointed in 1963 in Israel by Professor Raphael Méchoulam and his team. Together they analyzed and analyzed samples of Cannabis resin from Lebanon and Egypt. They are more than 100, including the CBD that is still widely represented. In fact, CBD is present in all Cannabis varieties and in Cannabis flowers , whether male or female.

Today the cultivation and production of Cannabis of optimum quality make use of high technologies. The new processes allow the extraction and concentration of a healthy cannabis resin, and then retain only CBD in concentrated form of crystals or liquid paste.

Finally, these concentrates are used for the preparation of many food supplements , but also for care products or comfort medications .

In addition, the selective production of certain varieties of Cannabis now allows obtaining flowers that are naturally rich in CBD to the detriment of other molecules present in the resin such as THC. When CBD is combined with other cannabis-derived molecules, there are some effects similar to those of the Cannabis plant, the effectiveness of this “cocktail” is due to the “Entourage” effect.

To replace smoking, CBD is also widely available in the form of CBD spray liquids for electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. Products such as CBD balms and CBD oil , both particularly effective, have been developed for people who wish to use CBD (as well as the effect of “avoiding other cannabinoids”).

  • However, CBD must be distinguished from other molecules present in the Cannabis plant and, to understand it, it must first mention some notable effects of Cannabis.
  • Because today the choice of a quality CBD allows the freedom to consume cannabis daily without affecting our behavior.

What does CBD not do?

The CBD is not a “psychoactive” component, it does not change the way the human mind works.

CBD does not cause any sensation of intoxication or “high”, does not modify the state of consciousness.

CBD does not affect reflexes or decision power.

CBD does not directly intervene in libido or concentration and, in no case, can modify the nature of social interactions.

In A Word, Cbd Does Not “Place”

  • This is why the total legality of the use of the CBD has been a broad consensus in Europe and around the world, especially among the best athletes.
  • Sudden interruption of CBD does not cause any particular disorder.
  • Daily consumption of CBD does not create any dependency. In contrast, CBD is now used in new addiction treatments for gambling, alcohol and other drugs.
  • It is common to find CBD in the form of grass , resin , e-liquid vaping , teas or even creams and oils.