Helping your Parents Age at Home

As your elderly parent ages, you will worry about their health and ability to care for themselves. Whether your parent is suffering from a serious health condition or recovering from an illness or injury, they are expected to slow down. And you want to ensure they are well-cared for and safe. However, as you manage your job, family, and household, you may not have the time or energy to offer the best level of care for your parents. That is why you may want to consider hiring home care services from agencies like Graceful Living. They offer different types of services that ensure your parent’s safety and good quality of life while they age at home. If you are wondering how to help your aging parents stay in their home, here are some tips to help you:

Tall to them about their Needs

Tell your parent that you care about their health and safety and that you want to understand their needs. Also, consider speaking with their doctor if they are dealing with serious health issues that require ongoing care. You must understand the level of care they need to ensure they get proper care, whether from a family member or a professional caregiver. 

Ensure their Safety at Home

Regardless of your parents’ condition, the home environment can post some health and safety hazards. Because slip and fall accidents are quite common, you want to add handrails and non-slip surfaces, particularly on stairs or in areas such as bathrooms where elderly parents need to get up step over the tub threshold. You may also consider shower stalls or walk-in tubs.

Furthermore, decrease or remove clutter that could cause your elderly parents to trip over. Also, ensure proper lighting in their home. Ensure the house is equipped with carbon monoxide detectors to prevent accidental poisoning.

Take Advantage of Home Health Technologies

Connected technologies can notify during emergencies. GPS watches and wearable emergency call devices could help, especially if your parents are physically frail. You can also install smart home technologies such as security systems that provide remote monitoring of streaming videos and motion sensor alerts. 

Hire Help

Your seniors can benefit from different levels of home care including cooking, transportation, cleaning, or more intensive care for medical recovery or degenerative conditions. They may need help with personal care and companionship, especially if they live alone. Home care services address specific needs or deliver different services, depending on your parents’ unique situation.