How Dermalift Facial Help To Rejuvenate Your Looks?

Dermalift facial is the new revolution in face lifting including firming of facial tissues and toning through direct micro-currents applied to your skin. The effect of this treatment is quite similar to that of having Botox or fillers done to yourself but the process is comparatively less intrusive.

Here are some of the common questions asked on this:

  • How does dermalift facial work?

The low frequency allows the micro-currents to have a deeper penetration into the dermis, reaching the muscle fiber and stimulating the nodes of the facial lymph. High frequency enables current to work superficially while stimulating the epidermis and improving the skin texture at the same time.

  • What effect does dermalift renders?
  • Firming
  • Lifting
  • Facial muscle toning
  • Rendering youthful appearance

Does it hurt?

The micro-currents in the process are more or less like your body’s electrical nerve stimulation. Some of you might get a mild sensation or a fluttering feeling. However, this is completely normal.

The benefits of dermalift facial

This process tones and firms your facial muscles almost immediately and the changes are particularly noticeable around your eyes, forehead, and mouth. The facial wrinkles will seem reduced. The lines on your face also seem to have reduced after dermalift treatment.

You will also notice better elasticity and circulation while the pores will feel finer and any scars on your skin will seem to have lightened. With dermalift treatment, moisture retention in your skin also improves. Also, the puffiness and shadows around the eyes seem to be gone.

The best thing about dermalift facelift is that there’s no irritation and no recovery time. This process of skin treatment is really useful for people in their early 30s. Younger people can also go for it if they are experiencing premature aging. For the ones in their early or late 40s, this is the very technique for rejuvenating their appearance. The substances used in the treatment process are best suited for vegans and these products are absolutely free from harmful chemicals.

Dermalift treatment is not suited for people having:

  • Metal Implants or pins in the form of body piercing using metal rings
  • Pacemakers and heart conditions, including thrombosis and high blood pressure
  • Epilepsy
  • Pregnancy

The condition of your skin determines the number of sittings that you are going to need. One of the few places where you can get the best quality dermalift treatment is Clinique Anti Aging and thanks to their quality equipment and skilled professionals, you can always expect to see positive results.