How Does Plastic Surgery Differ From Cosmetic Surgery Procedures?

A lot of people assume that plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are the same but technically, it is incorrect. The terms have often been used interchangeably because many plastic surgeons advertise their practice as cosmetic surgery that can enhance a patient’s appearance. 

How does plastic surgery differ from cosmetic surgery? 

Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty that focuses on the reconstruction of facial and body defects resulting from birth disorders, trauma, burns, or disease. Plastic surgery can be considered reconstructive in nature because it is intended to correct the dysfunctional parts of the body. Aside from cosmetic surgery, plastic surgeons perform procedures like breast reconstruction, repair of burnt tissue, repair of congenital defects, or scar revision surgery. 

On the other hand, cosmetic surgery is a procedure that is entirely focused on improving a person’s appearance, aesthetic appeal, symmetry, and proportion. While plastic surgery treats dysfunctional parts of the body, cosmetic surgery can treat areas that function properly like the neck, head, or body. Cosmetic surgery can be performed by a plastic surgeon based on their medical training. 

Types of plastic surgery

  • Reconstructive plastic surgery can be performed on different parts of the body that have been aesthetically and functionally affected by an infection, tumours, congenital defects, disease, developmental abnormalities, or trauma. For example, a reconstructive procedure can be performed by a plastic surgeon on the breasts following a mastectomy. 
  • Cosmetic plastic surgery is performed on different areas of the body for aesthetic reasons. In most cases, cosmetic plastic surgery is minimally invasive or non-surgical. For example, a breast lift or breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that can be performed by a cosmetic plastic surgeon. 

Benefits of plastic surgery

The benefits of plastic surgery on a patient are more than aesthetics because physical attractiveness correlates to an increase in self-esteem and confidence. A common birth abnormality called Dumbo ears can be surgically repaired so that the patient will be confident to socialize with other people. The correction of the problem makes the patient less self-conscious about her appearance. 

Plastic surgery can improve a person’s life and professional success. Many studies have revealed that physically attractive individuals receive favourable treatment in hiring decisions, promotions, and salary. A youthful appearance achieved through plastic surgery can be a boon to one’s career including personal relationships. 

In some instances, plastic surgery is considered “medically practical” to improve a person’s life. For example, an eye lift that removes the hooded portion of a patient’s eyelid can dramatically improve vision. A patient who has undergone plastic surgery to remove 20 pounds of loose skin due to weight loss will feel more comfortable and confident when engaging in physical activities. 

The potential rewards of plastic surgery can be life-changing. By performing plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures, Plastic Surgeon Manchester wants to help people improve their overall well-being and ultimately change their life. Superior treatments and outcomes are guaranteed for every patient to discover the best versions of themselves. A fantastic range of treatments are offered to suit every concern.