How Effective Are Microwaving Masks To Disinfect Viruses

COVID 19, or coronavirus is a dangerous infection as this novel virus has the ability to spread faster via a community. Without isolation, a single person has the ability to infect over 400 other people who come in contact with the COVID infected person. As this infection spreads through the air, masks prove to be one of the best ways to safeguard from it.

Due to their shortage, many people are forced to use their masks again. They are increasingly microwaving their masks to remove any infection from it so that they can use them again. In this article, we will tell you does microwave mask offers protection against coronavirus.

Impact of Microwaving In Deactivating Viruses

Household microwaves have the ability to destroy viruses. In medical utilities, microwaving cigarette filters, and syringes can deactivate various types of flu, and viruses such as HIV, polio, parainfluenza viruses, and hepatitis C.

Researchers have proved that microwaving can eliminate the infection from cigarette filters and the syringes that were contaminated with HIV, or Hepatitis C. Microwaving them for three minutes at varying power levels such as 360 watts, and 600 watts, was sufficient to kill virus from them. However the

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Is it true that Microwaving Masks Neutralize The Coronavirus?

Tests show that when you wash a mask with water and soap, it reduces its ability to capture particles by around 21%. In other tests, simple dipping of the mask into a solution of alcohol without any rubbing can harm its performance.

Some studies state that leaving your masks in the air to dry on its own will disinfect them from the coronavirus in a period of 48 hours to 72 hours.

Is Microwaving effective to eliminate coronavirus?

Researchers have tried microwaving a metal mask and found that is not an effective option.  For this process, they needed to detach the metal parts from the masks and microwave it.

They assessed the effectiveness of the mask in capturing the tiniest sized particle of around 0.3 micron particles. They found that following this procedure they notice a significant reduction in the effectiveness of the mask.

They concluded, that this technique can work in paper towel DIY masks that are devoid of any metal component in it.  This showed that people who use DIY masks can use the microwave method to disinfect their masks.


Based on the tests, microwaving has the ability to disinfect viruses from different materials, but this action harms the efficiency of your mask.

To microwave a mask, you need to remove all metal elements in the mask like nose bar, etc., it makes your N95 mask unusable. This technique only works in masks that have no metal parts in it. In such masks, microwaving can disinfect coronavirus.