How Healthy Are Macadamias?

Tasty recipes with macadamia are one reason why you go to great lengths to grow and harvest the nut. The other and foremost reason for the high value of the nut are the ingredients, which are considered extremely health-promoting. To make it clear to you how crucial the consumption of nuts can have on your health, it is necessary to take a closer look at the individual ingredients:

  • Magnesium phases with increased stress are bound to get on your nerves too. Only 100 grams of the tasty nut cover a third of your total daily magnesium requirement. This way, you keep a cool head even during challenging phases. Magnesium also contributes to muscle function. Magnesium is said to prevent cramps and allow more intense work phases.
  • Adequate protection against colon cancer – there are only five varieties whose ingredients minimize colon cancer risk. When the nut is digested, a substance is released that helps the intestinal cells to protect themselves.
  • Easy control of the calorie balance – if you pay close attention to the calories you want to consume in a day, you can quickly control them due to the high-calorie density. This is interesting for you if you’re going to build muscle or if you are trying a keto diet and from now on exclude certain foods.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids – these fatty acids protect your heart. Your blood vessels remain elastic, and the cholesterol level is lowered. Cardiovascular disease continues to be the cause of most deaths. With the right diet, you can effectively combat these diseases.
  • Different B vitamins: Different B vitamins: The carbohydrate metabolism determines how much energy is available to you during the day. A handful of nuts is enough to ensure that everything goes smoothly during digestion. With 100 grams, you already cover a quarter of your daily vitamin B1 content.
  • Vitamin E – This vitamin is known as the antiaging vitamin. Free radicals are trapped, small wrinkles almost smooth themselves out, and the skin remains radiantly beautiful and smooth. Aging processes are slowed down considerably
  • Dietary fiber – these are responsible for the removal of toxins in the intestines. Unwanted substances are not deposited in the first place, and your well-being increases significantly.

Storage Of Macadamia Nuts

Due to the high-fat content, you have to pay close attention to the date when storing. In particular, the unroasted version is usually vacuum-packed. Although the plants’ seeds are dried after harvest, which reduces the risk of rot, the exceptionally high-fat content ensures that the nuts go rancid if improperly stored. This creates bitter substances that unfortunately mask the pleasantly soft and mild taste of the nut. The best thing to do is keep the unopened nuts in the refrigerator, so they will last for up to six months and retain their good and full taste. If you have bought a larger supply, freeze it vacuum-packed. In this way, the nuts retain their good taste for up to 12 months. So make sure that you keep the bulk macadamia nut as cool as possible, store it without oxygen, and in the dark. This means you can enjoy the noble queen of nuts for a long time.