How Levitra Can Help To Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction or ED is a sex issue that men experience. It is a condition; where the guys are in trouble getting or maintaining an erection that is sufficiently firm to have sex. It is a normal problem among guys to experience erection issues occasionally. However, when it happens routinely or progressively then it needs medical help.

ED can occur with stress or illness or nerve damage. During sexual arousal, blood flow towards the penis increases because his nerves release chemicals. The blood flows within two erection chambers made from spongy muscle tissue called corpus cavernosum and they are not hollow. The spongy tissues get relaxed and trap the blood making the penis firm and erect. ED is a warning sign indicating that blockages are inhibiting the vascular system in men. 

Levitra [Vardenafil HCL] is recommended for treating ED situations. It belongs to popular sexual enhancer medications like Viagra and Cialis. You can buy it from the online pharmacy Apo Theke without any prescription. 

How Vardenafil HCL works on ED?

Sexual enhancers like Vardenafil HCL, Viagra, and Cialis are called PDE5 [Phosphodiesterase type 5] inhibitors. The drugs block the production of PDE5. The PDE5 is an enzyme responsible for not allowing hard erections.

Generally, erection starts when a guy is sexually aroused, while nerves inside his penis get provoked. Nitric oxide gets released and it generates a chemical that helps to relax and smooth the spongy cylindrical tissue. The blood is allowed to flow inside the corpora cavernosa chambers. The spongy cylindrical tissue runs along his penis, which when filled with blood causes the penis to get erect and harden. 

If you have ED then the nerves are unable to transmit signals between the brain and penis that allows the release of nitric oxide to relax the muscles. So, blood cannot flow within the penis and offer a hard erection. It even occurs because PDE5 enzymes get overactive and quickly destroy the chemicals nitric oxide releases to help gain an erection. This makes muscle relaxation in the penis difficult. 

When you use a sexual enhancer, it blocks the PDE5 from destroying the chemicals nitric oxide produces. Thus the penis muscles are relaxed and smooth. This allows the blood to flow with ease inside the penis tissues. The result is a hard and firm erection sufficient enough to enjoy an orgasm.

Dosage recommendation

Levitra is available in 5 or 10 mg tablet form. Take it an hour before you plan the sex session. It gets the time to metabolize and you can expect better results the moment you get aroused sexually. 

Take it once within 24 hours and if you plan to have sex several times a day then ask your medical provider. Sexual stimulation is necessary for the success of the treatment. 

You can take PDE5 inhibitors with or without a meal. However, it is recommended to take the ED drug before a meal because the time for it to metabolize is less than what it could be after a meal. Even if you take it after a meal ensures to have a low-fat meal for quick metabolism. The effect starts to kick in within one hour and lasts for 4 to 6 hours depending on the guy’s metabolism level.