How to Choose a Cosmetic Dentist?

Selecting the most suitable cosmetic dentist like Blue Sky Dental can be a daunting task due to the fact that everyone lays claim to being the “best.” Moreover, nearly all practitioners identify themselves as “cosmetic” dentists. In light of this, we aim to offer you some uncomplicated methods to assess a cosmetic dentist’s capacity to provide the standard of dentistry that aligns with your desires and expectations. 

Assessment of Material Quality: It is a common practice for patients to base their choice of a cosmetic dentist primarily on cost. This approach operates under the assumption that all cosmetic dentists are essentially equal. Thus, a patient might opt for a dentist based on the most attractive price, disregarding quality considerations. 

Frequently, dentists with the lowest prices possess the least comprehensive training and utilize subpar materials and dental laboratories of inferior quality. This is possible because their own training investments are minimal, allowing them to charge lower fees due to reduced expenses for materials and services. In essence, they are transferring not only the low cost but also substandard quality to their patients.

On the other hand, a proficient cosmetic dentist, who has received education from a renowned cosmetic dentistry, makes choices based on premium materials that have a lasting impact, ultimately saving patients both time and money over the years. Such a dentist also partners with the finest dental laboratories. 

Hence, when evaluating a cosmetic dentist, inquire about the caliber of materials they employ. Additionally, verify whether the dental ceramist responsible for crafting veneers and crowns holds accreditation from the AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry).

Check Functionality: A stunning smile is universally cherished. Yet, what if that smile were aesthetically pleasing but lacked practicality? While certain cosmetic dentists excel at delivering visually pleasing smiles, their expertise might fall short in creating smiles that are genuinely “functional.” But what exactly is a functional smile? It’s one that not only exudes beauty but also offers superior comfort and functionality. 

A skilled cosmetic dentist can bestow a smile that doesn’t just look amazing but also functions seamlessly. Regrettably, many patients who have received subpar cosmetic dentistry treatments suffer from headaches and discomfort due to an ill-fitting bite, a consequence of entrusting their cosmetic dentistry to someone lacking proficiency in functional aspects. 

So, check previous reviews and testimonials to understand the proficiency of your chosen cosmetic dentist.

Check Promotional Material: Examine the dentist’s website and promotional materials. Are they employing stock photos, which are essentially images of models? Alternatively, are they showcasing their own patients, individuals who have received genuine “smile makeovers”? 

To discern this, pay attention to whether patient names are alongside the images and watch out for phrases such as “Actual patient of Dr. XXX.” If uncertainty arises regarding the authenticity of the photos displayed on a website or in promotional content, don’t hesitate to inquire if the images are of real patients or if they are purchased stock photos.