How to make your vape juice last longer during coronavirus lockdown? 


Although the lockdown has been uplifted in many countries, the danger isn’t gone yet. So, the thought of stepping out to get your hands on vape juice is something you should give up on right away. 

But, just because you cannot go out doesn’t mean you cannot get vape juice. The Psychonaut vape shop is available to offer doorstep delivery to everyone looking for vape juice. 

Since most of us are staying at home and working it is natural to finish off vape juice quick. A lot of people smoke everyday and this means you can soon reach the point where you won’t have any vape juice left. Although you can get vape juice from Psychonaut, it is always a better idea to consume less and save it in the long run. 

Some of the prominent ways to save your vape juice from running out during lockdown include the following

  • Give up on the high-power mode

High-power vape mode may appear to be the best for smoking and getting high. But if you want to save your vape juice from running out, you need to give up on that high-powered mode. 

High-powered mode consumes a lot of juice. Hence, when vaping it is always a better idea to use it in the low-power mode. 

  • Use vape pens and pods

Vape pens and pods work at a low range thereby saving juice on a lot of vape devices. However, it is better to opt for vape juices. If you are really aiming at saving your juice during lockdown, you need to choose vape pens and pods that are low powered. 

You may check different brands to find out the most effective one. While you may check the vape, do not forget to keep an eye on the throat hit. As much as your vape juice matters, your experience too. So, make sure to take care of everything. 

  • Go for a high-resistance coil

If you are using vape in low-powered mode, you need to use a high-resistance coil. The low-resistance coil is only going to spoil your experience. You won’t either get proper flavour or you won’t get a better throat hit. 

The low resistance coils need more power so efficient vaping and saving your juice may not be the potential choice. Hence, it would be better to switch to a high-powered resistance coil. 

Thus, make sure to check every factor to save in your vape juice.