How you can stop the habit of smoking

Do you smoke cigarettes and have suddenly realized how harmful it is? Are you struggling to give up the habit of smoking? Have you made up your mind but still yourself going back to this unhealthy habits Perhaps, you don’t even know where and how to stop your withdrawal from cigarette and tobacco. This article will help you.

What is the role of nicotine patch in quitting smoking?

Nicotine patches help ensure that your brain still gets the nicotine it desires even if you do not smoke again. The transfer of nicotine into the body is done via the skin and bloodstream. Nicotine is gradually and steadily supplied to the body when the patch is worn. The patch can be worn during the day or at night. It all depends on preference and what the patient is comfortable with. Some people complain of not been able to sleep when they use the patch before going to bed. This is one of the many side effects of nicotine. In such a case, the patch can be worn during the day so that the body continues to have the amount of nicotine it has always been used to.

There are different nicotine patch dosing. The dose you take depends on how reliant you are to tobacco and cigarettes. At the early stage of withdrawal, a 21mg patch would be okay. As you progress and feel less urge to smoke, you can drop to the 14mg patch. The 14mg patch is the intermediate level. The lowest is the 7mg patch and it is made for people that have made tremendous progress in their quest to quit the habit.

Although nicotine patches work admirably, the manner of application and how it is used also matters. To avoid irritation of the skin, do not apply the patch to the same surface all the time. As earlier explained, if the patch affects your pattern of sleep, it is okay to take it off before going to bed and replace it in the morning.

Nicotine replacement therapy is very effective and nicotine patches are not hard to find. Most medical and pharmaceutical stores are ready to sell to you as long as you can provide proof that the instruction is from a qualified medical expert.

Are there other ways to quit smoking?

Although buying a nicotine patch and using it produces remarkable result, it is not the only way to stop this addiction. Certain medications work. Doctors and experts often prescribe drugs such as varenicline, and bupropion for people who struggle to quit smoking. Often times, notriptyline is prescribed too. It all depends on the level of addiction of the patient.

It is important to note that no medication will work if you haven’t won the battle in your mind. The nicotine replacement therapy will yield little effect too. You must have a strong will and conviction to quit smoking before using any medication or implementing any of these steps.

There are so many reasons to consider quitting smoking. The health effects are damaging. It damages important cells in the human body, it distorts the overall functionality of the blood circulatory system, it is capable of damaging the human respiratory system and cause lung diseases, and it can also cause heart-related problems.