Dental Care

Identify your oral health problems

Our mouth and teeth are quite vulnerable to problems. And, our dental issues can range from a simple toothache to serious ones like oral cancer. Therefore, a good oral care regime is imperative for our dental health.

Daily brushing and flossing can avoid problems like cavity and gingivitis, but there can be many other issues that you may overlook in your day to day life.

You can get your oral health diagnosed by Constitution Dental and other clinics.

Here are five common teeth and mouth problems that you may encounter regularly or occasionally.

Cavity: If you feel pain in your tooth while chewing or your tooth feels rough to your tongue. If the food gets stuck in your tooth and you get abnormal sensation while eating something hot or cold, you may have a tooth cavity. You must see a dentist and get it treated as soon as possible to avoid infecting remaining teeth.

Gingivitis: Excess of plaque around your tooth can infect your gum tissues around it and cause gingivitis. This condition makes your gum red and swollen and lets it bleed while brushing or flossing. Bleeding may also cause bad breath. Gum diseases are generally painless. So, you may not be able to identify the issue. Therefore, you should consult a dentist if you see any of these symptoms.

Periodontitis: A majority of tooth loss in adults happen because of periodontitis. It is an advanced form of gum disease. Its symptoms are the same as gingivitis but more severe ones. If remain untreated, periodontitis can do severe damages to your gum and teeth and result in tooth loss. 

Bruxism: You may have seen yourself or others grinding their teeth and producing weird sound from their mouth while sleeping. Both kids and adults can have bruxism, and it can occur anytime during the day. The underlying cause of bruxism can be stress or an abnormal bite. You can also develop bruxism if you have a new tooth filling or crown placed higher than other teeth. It can wear out the surface of your teeth over a long period,  and you may start experiencing toothaches, jaw pain, headaches and earaches.

Thrush: If you see a white film like thing in your mouth, get it checked as it can be a yeast infection called thrush. You can get thrush if your immune system is attacked by an illness. HIV and cancer patients and people who have uncontrolled diabetes often develop severe thrush.

There are many more dental diseases that can affect your day to day life and your overall health. To know more about them, places like  Orleans Dental Clinic take advice.

It is easy to treat your dental problems at an early stage and difficult to reverse them later. Therefore, dentists recommend that you follow good dental hygiene and get your routine checkups done by an expert. 

Your teeth are the reason for your beautiful smile. Keep them healthy and keep smiling.