Ipamorelin – A safe and low cost alternative to synthetic growth hormones 

If you have been looking for ways to increase your growth hormone production in order to receive the benefits it provide in achieving a better athletic body and performance; you might have come across various peptides that are popular in the industry. 

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Ipamorelin and its benefits

It is a short chain peptide containing 5 amino acids. Like many others, it also stimulates the pituitary to enhance its natural production of growth hormone and receive all its benefits. 

After we inject Ipamorelin, it creates a signal for hypothalamus and pituitary to increase its production of the growth hormone. The hormone then sends a signal to muscle tissues to promote its development. 

This is why many body builders and athletes undergo Ipamorelin treatment cycle to receive the following benefits:

  • Formation of new muscle tissue resulting in increased lean muscle mass. 
  • The new muscles provide us with more strength to workout. 
  • It also promotes faster recovery and healing of the skeletal system. 
  • Your sleep quality also gets better within few days of Ipamorelin cycle. 
  • As a result of better strength and deeper sleep, you also gain mental clarity that can help you focus better on your daily tasks. 
  • It also promotes fat burning in the body. Additionally, increased muscle mass also burns more calories resulting in greater fat burning as well. 
  • It also produces effects on our skin, hair, and joints and makes us feel more youthful. 
  • It also stimulates the production of insulin from pancreas and ghrelin in our stomach and keeps us feeling full for longer. This is again beneficial if we are looking to get leaner. 
  • It helps people suffering from some form of anxiety or low energy generally to feel more energetic and focused than usual. 
  • It increases focus and concentration, thus helping us in giving a better performance. 
  • It increases libido. 
  • For some, it also helps in lowering our triglyceride levels. 

The only downside to Ipamorelin is that the treatment period is long and you need to take for a minimum of 4 to 6 months to see full range of benefits that you are looking for. It can also be stacked with testosterone cycles to achieve faster results from the same. 

It is generally tolerated very easily by most and is much safer than synthetic hormones or anabolic steroids used to achieve similar targets. It does not inhibit natural production of GH like testosterone and is devoid of anabolic effects as well. Our natural production of cortisol and prolactin also remains unaffected. 

Despite its high safety profile; you must always consult your doctor before deciding on to take Ipamorelin treatment for health gains. You might need to incorporate various supplements to get the best results from this treatment cycle depending upon your medical conditions.