Is homeopathy treatment safe for children?

The aim of homeopathy is treating every patient by stimulating their healing ability or immune system. The Homoeopathic system of medication is designed to suit and individuals’ needs as every person are unique and react differently in environments. Sometimes if they are unable to adjust they fall ill. This is even more apparent in children so their immunity must be built at an early age. Homeopathy helps us do just that.

“When it comes to children, safe and side-effect free treatment options homeopathy treatment have a higher score among the various natural and holistic treatment options available.”

This was researched by Dr. Yogesh Jadhav and his team of highly qualified and experienced doctors. He is the head doctor of one of the best homeopathy clinics in Aurangabad namely Advanced Specialty Homoeopathy clinic, where they have treated over 10,000 patients successfully since 2016. With the help of advanced state of the art infrastructure and a total of 5000+ medicine from France and Germany, they have all the tools to customize plans and medication to help the child with their health.

Owing to the safety of Homeopathy medicines, Homeopathy is considered to be the ideal treatment option for infants, toddlers, and older kids. Millions of people worldwide recognize the effectiveness and safety of Homeopathy treatment and are resorting to it for their children’s health needs. In India there is already belief about more organic method of treatment that’s why there are some best homeopaths who are well known for their proficiency in the methods. Not only metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Aurangabad, etc but in every city even the comparatively smaller ones also, you can find plenty of expert homeopaths easily.

The reason why doctors encourage mothers to use homeopathy especially for their children is because it’s a very natural system of practicing medicine.

Rather than drugging your child with multiple pharmaceutical medications that are available homeopathy provides a much more natural alternative to those treatments.

Along with that homeopathy also encourages a lot of natural remedies a lot of home remedies which you probably would have heard from your grandmother who asked you to put honey you with ginger when you were having a cough or a cold so things like that are very much more encouraged. Homeopathy medications are readily available at most or any homeopathic pharmacy a lot of major cities. So you don’t have to worry about the unavailability and traveling too far to find them.

Parents use homeopathy actually from a very small age for two reasons:

  • If the child is repeatedly getting sick like a lot of kids have cold cough tendencies they have this tendency to develop rashes allergies eczema so in that case, they want to start homeopathy
  • Some mothers just want to start for building up their immune system

So if you have a genetic tendency let’s say you have a family history of certain diseases.  In case your family has a history of diabetes and blood pressure isn’t very strong and they want to just build the child’s immune systems so they are not very prone to those diseases.

The immune system of the mother and the father determines the genetic makeup of the child. If your child is more prone to catching colds and cuffs then their immunity system medicine is going to go on for much longer.

In clinics parents think they can easily get out of it so in a case of fever when it comes to an allopath, you know they’re going to take antibiotics but in reality, you’re just cruising X Y Z medicines which you’re going to get when the child comes to home back with the fever. What homeopathic doctors do is just simply boost the immune system at a safe level. So let’s say your kid has that temperature and fever, what medicines do is to help the immune system produce more WBC’s or lymphocytes so that infection gets killing faster. Even sometimes homeopathy medicine will be in course for a week but in the next two days, the fever will be completely gone.

And after the infections went away one can see such kind of cases again but then that depends on infection to infection and from condition to condition so there are certain conditions where it is honestly advised to take lead over myopathy.

In certain cases where it’s preventable like if you have a simple viral fever or a simple cold and a cup doctors would not advise you to go on to alpha 3 and get dependent on those drugs or even have those kinds of side effects which those drugs might show. However certain conditions like juvenile diabetes, if the child has to take insulin then it cannot stop but doctors do prescribe homeopathy at the same time based on the complications in the case.