Keeping a Healthy Equilibrium between Work and Play

Even if you enjoyed a lot during Christmas and New Year, you still feel disappointed after holidays are over. Have you ever wondered why? That is because when you start your work life, you simply focus on your work, neglecting your personal time. Following a monotonous routine, every day can make your life dull. This can also hamper your progress in work.

As a business, your prime focus is to hire good employees to do your work. However, if you just focus on productivity and not on your employees’ well-being, the focus of your employees deviates. This is the main reason for attrition every year. Thus, you should also keep in mind that employees can’t work as robot and therefore they too need some quality time to enjoy their life and take break from tedious routine.

Here are some useful tips to use that can help in maintaining balance between work and personal life –

  • Spend some quality time alone by reading books, going to spa or for massage therapy at least once a week. Even at workplace, there should be a massage room with beds where people can relax for some time after long hectic day; this helps them to charge their energy.
  • Nott only weekends, but on weekdays you can plan some activities with friends or family. For example, going for a movie, a dinner with colleagues, etc.
  • Try to do some activity every day that gives you peace for the entire day. For example, eating lunch in office with your friends with whom you can talk about anything, or playing a game with the team for fifteen minutes during break.

Many people join gym after work to relax or use Yoga to decompress and feel good. It is also suggested by doctors to get proper eight hours of sleep to start a fresh day. First and foremost thing that needs attention is to avoid gadgets after returning home. Often it is seen that people keep working on laptops or cellphones to quickly check emails or finish their presentation or report for next day. It might be good your appraisal, but it is hampering your night’s sleep that will ask you restless and dull next day.

To rejuvenate yourself, some daily life patterns have to be changed. Change your lifestyle because your employer might help you earn money, but in future, all money is wasted when you’ll pay your medical bills with it.