Life in a Nursing Home is More Exciting Than It Seems

While some may think a nursing home is a boring setting with most residents lying in bed or sitting in chairs watching TV or reading, there is a lot more going on in nursing homes to make sure the residents are engaged and having fun.

Medical care is an extremely important part of life in a nursing home or personal care center, but making sure residents are happy is an important aspect too. Generally, nursing homes have an activities director or coordinator, whose sole job is to plan activities and events to bring a little excitement to the residents. Here are some of the activities that show that life in a nursing home is more exciting than it seems:

Parties, Celebrations, and other Social Gatherings

While every resident has their own space in a nursing home, there are also plenty of communal spaces, and activities planned to utilize these spaces in bringing residents together for social activities. There may be birthday parties planned for residents, or holiday celebrations, parties, or activities planned for major and minor holidays to get residents in the spirit and socializing.

To provide even more excitement, some nursing homes may even plan social gatherings just for the sake of giving residents something different to do. There may be regularly scheduled or specially planned coffee gatherings, ice cream socials, or group meetings, like reading groups. 

Depending on the nursing home, there may also be religious or spiritual services to give the residents a chance to gather. Getting together socially is a great way to bring excitement into a nursing home setting.  

Physical Activities

While each resident in a nursing home will have their own preferences and limitations when it comes to physical activities, get some movement into the day can provide not only excitement, but can contribute to physical health as well. Incorporating some movement into the day can help nursing home residents with high blood pressure, cognitive function, and even reduce the risk of falling.

Some exciting movement activities that nursing homes may incorporate on a regular or special basis include things like stretching and other exercise based on individuals’ abilities, chair yoga, and walking. Any physical activity can really shake up an otherwise boring day and provide many benefits to residents.

Other Fun Activities

Many nursing homes have regularly scheduled activities, or activities out and available for nursing home residents to partake in on a regular basis. Whether residents want to continue a hobby that they enjoyed at home, pick up a new hobby, or do something different to relax, nursing homes offer a lot of exciting options. 

Some activity options that nursing homes may offer include painting, sewing, ceramics, and other crafty or creative activities. Some additional activities may include access to technology, instruments, newspapers, activity books, and more.

While a nursing home may invoke mental pictures of boredom, many nursing homes aim to make their residents as happy, engaged, and excited as possible through social gathering, physical activities, and other fun activities.